Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is my newest fave...maybe because it's different, maybe because it's random or maybe because the little bird just came to me by tearing different paper bits. (Almost like it flittered right onto my plate when I was thinking about my next paper adventure.)
This little bird is so sweet, but I think it needs a flock. Back to paper tearing to see what appears.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paper Obsession

                                       just some of the obsession... the P A P E R collection

I am asked often "h o w"  I create my designs...  it starts with an affinity to collect beautiful papers. I have been collecting art papers, tissue papers, gift wrap papers, handmade unryu, banana leaf, rice, japanese, india, batik, gift wrap, printed papers and the like, for years. It becomes a visual paint palette when you see your paper before you.
My inspiration usually comes from the graphic of one sheet, mixed with textures and colors of the others. I start by making file folders of groupings that eventually become the palette for plate design. Much like the process of painting; always thinking in terms of your colors and how you will apply them.
I equate it to painting with paper. The principles of good design, composition, and color all apply.
Seeing the simplicity and the beauty of paper and making it into something new can be exhilarating ...this is no longer your mother's decoupage.

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