Friday, June 26, 2015

Are You Ready? It's Getting Closer!

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek 
at some more lovely goodness that will be coming up 
in Junelle Jacobsen's online artsy class...
I'm so jazzed to be a part of the fun. 
I've been getting more and more excited with the postings 
Junelle has put up, giving us a sneak peek at the projects we'll be doing.
Her wreath.... oh my oh my!
And recipes from Rhetta...yummers.

Also getting more and more excited myself, 
making video's and projects to share with a most artsy 
tribe of  lovelies!
There will be herb pots and seed packets...
along with a lovely birdfeeder and birdies of summer.
Sure hope you'll feel inspired to paint, sketch,
and get silly with us. 
There's still time to sign up for the discounted price... 

Time to get your seed packets on!

It's right around the corner....
I can feel the gesso on my hands already!
I am always inspired by the artsy tribe that love all things Junelle!
Hope you'll join us...

Class starts Friday July 10th...
Open House is in one more week and
the discounted price of $32 
ends on July 1 

3 weeks of Summer Art Inspiration.
Click the link above to sign up today!
regular price 44.95 ~July 1

Friday, June 5, 2015

Seasons, Seeds & Summer Faire!

My oh my… I can feel the beginning of summer happening here. 
There's the sound of 'Pomp & Circumstance" in the distance, 
and names being called as diploma's are handed out. 
There are sounds of skateboards on concrete in the the neighbor's driveway, 
and the harmony of kid voices, full of excitement...  
knowing they are at 
the doorway of summer break. 
Every season brings it's own freshness… newness… 
and shift from one routine of life to another. 
As much as Spring is known, as the time of seedlings and new growth
summer brings a growth of it's own.

Brightly colored flowers, 
vegetable gardens, 
bike rides, outdoor play, 
barbeques and outdoor eating, 
summer camp, 
ice tea and lemonade…

Soooo... with all that in mind
what better way to usher in the "newness of summer" 
than with a Junelle class!
I've been busy busy working on a few projects to add 
to her wonderful Summer Faire lineup!
After having the opportunity to do a little offering 
in her Art of Spring class, I couldn't be more thrilled 
to be invited back as part of Summer Faire.

Look at the lineup she has in store for us all!

a favorite mailbox collection
market fresh wreaths
kitchen window cottages
ice cream & gelatos
tomatoes & "basil" the cat
potted herbs and vintage seeds
bikes & blooms - stops & smells
street fair treasures
summer porch art
garden steps, stoops, and stories
a big summer canvas (or creative art journal pages)
...and more!

(guess who's got the potted herbs & vintage seeds up her sleeve and more… hint hint!)

I hope you'll be as excited as I am to be part of the summer fun! 
I am always inspired by the artsy tribe 
that love all things Junelle!
Hope you'll join us… 

Class starts Friday July 10th
earlybird sign ups are 
happening now..
for only $32 

3 weeks of Summer Art Inspiration!

Click the link to sign up today! 
regular price 44.95 ~ July 1
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