Monday, February 24, 2014

What's so BIG About January & February?

(working as an apprentice under the masters, allows one to explore 
the master's style… and later apply to your own works)
Part of my BIG for this year 
was a commitment to learning & growing…
a promise to myself to develop my own art with intent, 
as well as the art that I am teaching.
Kind of like those New Year promises that we make
that involve a gym, losing weight, and eating really healthy.
I am happy to say, that I haven't joined a new gym- 
haven't been drinking green blender drinks either...
 but I have kept the commitment to develop my art 
and I am really happy with what I feel is happening.
Part of the BIG 
was taking two online classes while juggling the rest of life.
Turns out to be one of the best decisions ever!
The quality of the two classes, along with the content has stretched me, 
pushed me, disciplined me, and opened a sense of freedom 
beyond what I was accustomed to in own my process.
So… the recommendation's go like this…
Studying with the Master's
a Jeanne Oliver class with some all-time favorite teachers 
(including my beloved Junelle Jacobsen)...
and Full Circle Workshop with Misty Mawn.
Both are in process, but are accessible online for a year or more.
Both have been instrumental for creative growth bigtime!
The charcoal sketch above and two pieces below are from
The variety of work Misty teaches is amazing, and the techniques she shares, 
soooo allow you room to build upon. 
The parallel I found here, 
was whether working from 
the "masters" or working 
from a "master"…
you're going to learn about yourself & build upon your own style.

Just as "art learning" should be… 
I can see the BIG part of the past 7 weeks or so... 
to be that self-discovery 
that will only sharpen 
the process, and make my art 
and teaching better for the people I share with.
So grateful that we can learn so much from and with other kindred spirits
through this crazy thing called e-course!
…more master's study with Matisse..

Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a New Year with Promises...

"Every end 
is a
- unknown

The decorations are down… the boxes are out,  I am surrounded by 
the memories of another holiday season ended 
while having entered a new year.
The first few days of January are always a time of 
 Looking back and looking forward.
Taking inventory of the goods, the bads, and the continued dreams.
I love the concept of choosing a word for the year. 
I'm a big believer of making lists, planning and sticky notes.
(Ask my daughter… I really love sticky notes.)
So my personal word for this year is going to be… 
It may sound a little weird, but I am choosing this little word
because it personifies the whole process I want to see for myself in the coming year.
I love the fact that the word 
is so small.
Okay… here's the vulnerable part… 
I see myself as that  l i t t l e  word… 
with the capacity for BIGness.
I see a foundation that God has been providing for that BIGness
and I now believe it's time to 
step into 
that BIGness. 

Want to join me? 
Is it time to
step into 
for you too? 

in your art
in your believe
in your serve
in your connection
in your action
I'm planning on pushing the boundaries into 
this year 
in many parts of life
starting with 
a 30 day journaling project
with Lisa Sonora Beam

Journaling with art & word...
I'll be posting the process here, as I lean in.

Please feel free to leave your words and thoughts  
if you join me on this path…  
What boundaries will you push to grow 
into your own 
haPPy 2014!

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's That Time of Year… again...

I've been thinking about this past weekend…
that weekend of 
t h a n k f u l n e s s… 
that begins the lovely season of  
g a t h e r i n g...
our thoughts 
our lists
our plans
our food 
our gifts
our connections with friends
our connections with family…
g a t h e r i n g
all the little pieces that 
will make up the 
coming weeks.
As I work on some gifts from the heART
and prepare for boutiques...
and as I
g a t h e r
I am continually reminded of all the blessings 
that have been put on my path. 
It is in the spirit of gratitude, that I approach this season 
with eyes wide open and a full heart.

p.s. those sweet little woodblocks above, were created by moi in a wonderful online class 
by Junelle Jacobsen… the Art of Holiday Goodness - still available for sign ups.
Check out my etsy shop if you are interested in any woodblocks for gifting.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Stretching Out of the Comfort Level.

Creativity takes courage.” 
~Henri Matisse 

Have you ever worked on a piece that caused you 
to stretch a bit out of your comfort zone?
Don't laugh... but initially, for me it was the use of textural products...
unryu rice paper, gesso, modeling paste and more. 
I was so accustomed to how my paints worked on a flat surface... 
on what I was most comfortable with.
It took quite a bit of trial and error to get my color to look pleasing over texture.
It was such a stretch in the beginning... 
and yet it became that gentle reminder 
to be brave in the "process"...
because that's where the

I chose to share this piece because it was based on one of the projects 
I know I mention Junelle a lot here, 
but I am a big fan of her online classes.
I've come to know the comfort in her style of teaching.
She has a way of connecting, sharing, and teaching to everyone.
from the beginner to the seasoned artist...
from the "baby lamb" to the "mature ewe"...
(she's a little cray cray for sheep)
all from her overwhelmingly big heart
and her most grounded soul.
If  you are interested in working with watercolors,
stretching your wings,
while learning some fun and playful techniques, 
that will free your soul to create beautiful art...
I highly recommend her Fall/Winter class online.
It starts October 22... with a warm & welcoming 
Open House on October 15th.
sign ups going on now...

Can't wait to see what she has in store for us.
I give it 10 hearts up!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Does Watercolor Scare you?

An essential aspect of
creativity is not being
afraid to fail.
-Edwin Land

Fearless, fearless... that's what I know to be true.
The mind says "be fearless"...
but the heart says... 
"Yikes... this is out of my comfort zone"

So many people tell me they think watercolor is a difficult medium.
I don't know why, but watercolor came easier to me than oil and acrylic.
Although I LOVE both of these mediums... 
there's something about the organic nature of watercolor 
that forever calls my name.
I think the "uncontrolled" temperament of the medium 
is what scares & delights at the same time.
I've been asked by so many 
to share some of what I know...
the hows and whats of my process.

Talk about having to be "fearless"...

I finally completed the process of learning how to make a video
that I feel comfortable putting out into the world.
Grateful for a course that I highly recommend...
(by the incredibly talented, 
most fabulous soulful photographer
Vivienne McMaster...)
I now know that I can be 
"be fearless"...
(after really being out of my comfort zone)
 in creating video's to share along the way.
Thank-you Vivienne McMaster! 

This is only the beginning...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Palettes of color....

"I think palettes 
are a glimpse 
into the soul 
of a painter. 

Yep, you're going to heaven."
~Brian Schnetzer 
(friend extraordinaire)

When I posted a photo of my watercolor palette on facebook recently, 
one of my dearest friend's 
left the words above on my page.
I was so touched...
(well, he's that kind of person- one of those rare & cherished friends)
...he gave me cause to think...
our palette says a lot about who we are 
and how we approach our work.

If you've been on this blog space of a journey with me ... 
you are probably well aware of 
my affinity to 
w a t e r  C O L O R. 
(with an emphasis on the color part.)

 So many sweet friends have been asking about what colors I use, 
what type of paint, how etc. 
I thought it might be fun to start sharing some posts 
on the "how to's of what I do's".
I kind of see myself as a "rebel" when it comes to following (NOT) 
hard core "tradition" in watercolor. 
The very essence of the medium, evokes freedom and lack of control...
which is probably why I love it so. 
I am always learning lessons on 
 l e t t i n g   g o
a n d
t r u s t i n g,
when I create with watercolor.

Upon taking a deeper look at my palette, 
I noticed that I didn't have all of my colors lined up exactly 
with warm and cool colors in their proper place. 
I tend to put random bursts of color 
"outside of the box"
so to speak.
I also noticed that a lot of times, those random bursts of color 
are used in my work, as that color gem- that little sparkle added to the page.
Wow, there's more to your palette when you start to really look at it.
It's kind of a metaphor for how I like to create
and live my creative life.
What paint?? I am asked often...
I like a combination of Holbein & Windsor Newton brand.
You can see from my journal book pages 
that I am a big fan of wet on wet and glazing techniques.
I believe those techniques, allow me to achieve a lot of depth, 
as well as an organic feel to my work.

The "pear and lavendar" spread above, is from one of my journal books-
inspired by all that I learned from Wild Art classes with Junelle Jacobsen.
I am sooo in love with journal pages...
as it allows the freedom to explore and create 
for a larger work.
Tomorrow starts a "new session" of Wild Art  called 

I'm feeling like a little kid... so looking forward to creating new projects, 
and connecting with an incredible group of people.
If you like the idea of creating in a journal, exploring with watercolor 
and so much more... 
I would highly recommend signing up for Junelle's class. 
It starts tomorrow, but is a go at your own pace online e-course.
It's most inspiring for those who like to
"color out of the lines"... like me.

photo above: Junelle Jacobsen's wild art class
What colors are on your palette?
In my next post, I'll share a little on how I go about painting with glazes 
using my "out of the box" color palette.
Hope to see you in the Wild ART Summer group. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tu Tu Tutorial Time...

Ever since "Wild Art" classes... 
I've been looking at the concept of the journal book 
in a whole new light.
It has become a place to experiment,
a place to p l a y 
a place to  e x p l o r e  and make mistakes
and a place of pure f r e e d o m !

I am sharing a technique that I 've been using with kids for years.
It's funny how the simplest ideas can sometimes 
translate into the loveliest of creations.
Grab yourself some foam sheets at the craft store 
and see what artistry you'll create!

Foam sheets? 
Who would think 
these handy dandy foam sheets 
would serve as a cool base 
to make a basic monoprint with?
You'll need two brayers, some block printing ink, a sheet of glass 
and a ball point pen to play with.
Use the ball point pen to draw some designs into the foam sheets.
I chose organic images, as I was planning on 
making subtle background patterns on my journal page spread.
The harder the impression you make with the pen, 
the better the result you will get when you transfer the design.
mmm... pretty...
I already had some block printing ink, but bought a fresh tube of white. 
I chose white, because I wanted to go over 
some other colors that I had previously put on my pages.
When you are done drawing the images, 
roll out some ink on the glass with your brayer.
The plan is to get a good coat of ink on the drawing side of the foam sheet.
Getting a fair amount of ink, should insure a good clean transfer of image.
When ready... flip the foam in the position you want it on the page, 
apply pressure and roll evenly with your second (clean) brayer. 
(oh- did I mention... the transfer will come out backwards from the drawing...
usually not a problem, unless you are writing words...)
This sample shows my first sneak peek, 
where I can tell 
that I needed to get heavier on my ink.
Much better... now I was ready to print on my pages... 
Below is the finished spread. 
I used two different images to transfer. 
I love how the white ink made a subtle pattern on the page, 
and also picked up some faint blue 
from the ball point pen in places.
So much fun, with such a simple process. 
What will you create? 

(Would love to hear if you try it out)

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