Thursday, December 27, 2012

haPPy haPPy joY joY!

In the middle of the holiday craziness I came across this video 
and just had to share it.

in it's
heart spirit,
creative spirit,
and musical spirit.
Got me to thinking about 
the art that we do...
having a heart we need to share
through our own individual creative spirit,
with paint and words.

merry merry joy joy

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Makings...

...and so it begins!
December started and the wild ride begins. 
The studio is in full swing... making and making.
(It would be a good time to find some elves.)
Just came off of 4 days of shows-
a visit from family over Thanksgiving,
and now in preparation for the Christmas zone.
In this time of craziness,
I've been thinking a lot about 
w o r d s...

I'm feeling the word 
f u l l
calling out to me.

Full in spirit...
Full in family...
Full in creating...
Full in friendship...
Full in gratitude...

and the list goes on...
I am thinking the word
f u l l
is calling out for some 
visual representation.
f u l l
with some new art and possibilities
 right around the corner...
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