Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013... a new word... a new year... another journey...

 The word for this year... 
A D V E N T U R E...
with an emphasis on the word 
"V E N T U R E".
In order to adventure, 
you must be brave.
You have to be willing to step out...
try something new...
something exciting... something risky.

Last year was spent learning, exploring and developing.
This year it will be about
V E N T U R I N G off...
into unknown territory"
with a plan.
(Always good to have that map when you go on an adventure!)
Painting will be predominant. 
There are plans for local workshops and kids classes 
on my map of 2013.
I learned how to make a video
 through the beauty of Vivienne McMaster's ecourses,
(which I highly recommend)! 
Making video tutorial's and/or an ecourse 
in watercolor is also on the map.
All based around "color" 
(my favorite thing) 
and learning to "see".
... and lastly...
I'll be posting an idea for a painting challenge.
Stay tuned for the first posting in February. 
It will be fun, inspiring, and have an end result, 
that's advantageous to all!

oh- yeah... and there's that website that I need to finish up...
(It's on the map of 2013 as well) 
In the meantime, I just cleaned up my blog space to prepare for new things ahead.

I hope you'll join me 
as we journey through 2013
Bring your own map and check back often...
I am sure our paths were meant to cross.

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