Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Let your L I F E be a painting..."

F i r s t   t h i n g s   f i r s t....

I needed to share this inspirational goodie with everyone...
a simple beautiful arrangement of words~

" When I say B E creative,
I don't mean 
you should all go
and become great painters 
and great poets.

I simply mean
let your L I F E be a painting,
let your L I F E be a poem."

I fell in love with this quote, while reading a book that has become 
one of the most profound finds, 
filling my art spirit at the moment.

(just a little teaser~ but I'm interested in throwing out some seeds  to see if anyone 
would want to take root in this book together. 
As a small tribe, I think it could be invaluable to share learning, through the words 
and creative challenges that Patti Digh has woven together in this incredibly insightful book. 
Let me know in the comments section or by email if there is any interest.)

Are you thinking...what up with all the photo's? 
I had a lot going on this week in the land of "creating". 
I was juggling between a couple of etsy orders for my personalized keychains
~new plate designs using my watercolors-stay tuned
~a new idea that's been brewing in my right brain for a artsy pin (above) 
using textural yarns & silk and...
~more little inspirational birdhouses.

personalized keychains in process.... 

one of the finished pieces.... 

 the little birdhouse line-up...

a few finished designs ... I'm liking the words... I'm liking the words!

So- the items for upcoming boutiques & refilling the etsy store are well under way, 
but I need to get back to my paint brushes!
 Maybe next week?

 Once again... linking up to studiojru
lots of inspiration & talented artist linkups to see!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Listening to the Inner Voice Chick...

It's been a couple of weeks since I've linked to StudioJRU~ Sneak Peek Fridays. 
There are so many talented artists there, that share their blogs 
throughout the weekend. 
It's always inspiring to see what everyone has been up to. 
I feel like I am missing  c o f f e e  with my friends 
when I haven't gotten a chance to link up and visit. 
So, today I'm sitting here with cappucino in hand, reading and sharing....

I'm getting excited about something that I have been planning for a while, 
and now am feeling like may come to fruition. 
I love to work in watercolor, and I love making my decoupage plates. 
I've been thinking about applying  m y  o w n  graphic watercolor art 
to the plates rather than the usual graphic patterned papers I find to create with. 
I have done this in the past, but with existing watercolor pieces that I'd already done. 
The difference here, is that I am actually creating the art for a specific plate, and words. 
It's coming together and feeling good.
And if it's  f e e l i n g  g o o d,  then I must 
be listening to that i n n e r   v o i c e!
(do you ever wonder what she looks like- that inner voice chick?
I wonder if she's cute- young- old- floating around or buzzing like a hummingbird- 
maybe even sporting red hair like me?)

So- this week, you get an unofficial peek at the process...
the "inner voice chick" is still giving direction, 
but I am happy with the path she's put me on.

~my graphic blooms~

~sweet little birdie~

~playing with placement~

~leaves:: one of my favorite things~

~another beginning~

All of the plates are in process- should be fun to see what develops through the week!
What does your i n n e r   v o i c e chick look like? 
I may have to paint mine- she's starting to reveal herself more and more.

p.s. a sneak peek at another "soon-to-be" listing on etsy at twig2neststudio

~link-up at studiojru for more inspiration!  


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Calling all "Right-Brainers"...

In my Saturday post I mentioned the online video summit/webinar, 
by Jennifer Lee based on her creative new book The Right -Brain Business Plan.
I thought it would be helpful to post the info for tomorrow's session, as a few 
creatives were asking about it. Sign ups are still open... maybe see you there!  

Kicking off Week 2 tomorrow! This week she puts all the pieces together and shows you how to
keep the momentum going after the summit. There's a fantastic line-up of speakers this week including Chris Guillebeau, Lisa Sonora Beam, Danielle LaPorte and Leonie Allan. Plus a special bonus video interview with Todd Henry.
Join Jennifer Lee  and Pam Slim, seasoned business coach, author and professional speaker tomorrow, as we talk about Managing the Moola - Chapter 5. And meet Tori Deaux and 
her business plan named Emmit in our live Show and Tell Spotlight.

Date and Time: Monday, March 7, 2011 10:00 am PST / 11:00pm MST / Noon CST / 1:00pm 
Guest Speaker: Pam Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation
Show and Tell Spotlight: Tori Deaux, founder of The Circus Serene

What we'll be covering:
             ~Why the numbers really are more of an art than a science
             ~ Simple ways to understand the moola coming in and going out
              ~How to use your intuition and imagination to increase your income
p.s. there are a lot of extra's  if  you decide to sign up for   
The Right Brain Business Plan complete ecourse

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding My Art Spirit... in the Middle of Everything Else.

Is it just me, or do you feel like you are  a l w a y s  going in 20 different directions?

I had some deadline graphic work to complete... 
a self imposed deadline to do a small ad for myself to put on the handmade gift guide... 
an online webinar the right brain business plan to follow up with... 
a couple of small orders from etsy...
the usual social networking, researching upcoming shows to start applications for, 
listing on etsy, checking in with teams on etsy...
not to mention all of the personal sides of daily life that gobble our time.
Can you hear my brakes screeching as I am coming around the curve...
 getting my blog writing done, before the sun sets on this warm, 
and beautiful SoCal Saturday.... long sentence... B R E A T H E....

My evenings have been a treat catching up on this FREE online 
out of the box approach,
 to creating a business plan for yourself. This new creative book 
The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee
is the core of this wonderful video summit, 
with speakers such as Michelle Ward, Lisa Sonora Beam, and many more.
There are so many wonderful resources out there for our creative souls... 
I am continually amazed at how each one has something unique to offer. 
Still time to sign up for next weeks session!

At the end of this week, I was feeling starved for my  a r t   s p i r i t.  
Although it was a productive, and inspiring week... it seems that I end up doing 
so much "business oriented" work,  that  a r t  almost becomes secondary.

I decided to pull out the oil paint and complete my BLOSSOMS. 
I completed one of three some time ago, but felt like it would be a good exercise 
and perhaps awaken the  a r t   s p i r i t  that keeps getting pushed aside.

I wanted to share these close up's because I feel like I've reached a turning point. 
I've been working toward loosening my brushstoke's and creating cleaner color in oil. 
Having worked so much in watercolor, I find it a real brain bender to paint in oil.

After all of the "have to do's" this past week, it was a breath of fresh air 
to spend time completing some art. 
It's amazing how the  a r t   s p i r i t will sit in the background...
and wait for me. It waits quietly, and yet with presence. 
I know it is there, breathing softly, 
waiting to be called upon when needed...
to show its
t r u e  &  a u t h e n t i c

What is your  a r t   s p i r i t calling you to do this week?

Want to be inspired ... check out some other creative blogs on Sneak Peek Fridays...
thanks sweet JENNIFER!
link up here...
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