Friday, September 4, 2015

Some Thank-You Flowers...

Where did August go? 
For a brief moment, I thought we were just finishing up 
the delightful Summer Faire class. 
I had a blast as a guest teacher in Junelle's ecourse. 
It's such a joy and privilege to be part of her tribe!
Not to mention how inspired I still am, 
from all of the lovely work that was posted.

For a lot of us, this is the time of year 
that brings a season of change.
The sunlight is changing, 
traffic is picking up, as kids are back in school.
Bands are practicing, 
with anticipation of a fabulous football season.
Summer flowers are saying goodbye 
to make room for Fall blooms.
In this time of transition,  
I'm filled with inspiration...
working hard on creating some online goodness 
for the launch of my official website
painting away to fill a gallery show,
and sharing whatever artsy goodness I can 
with all of the lovely supporters 
surrounding me.

Stay tuned for more of that artsy goodness, 
coming down the road...
and enjoy this video I made 
to share with you all
with gratitude….

xo Valerie

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