Wednesday, November 23, 2011


... and so 
the season 

Although I'd like to think of 
gratitude as a 365 day a year thing, 
I love, that we take some time at the end of each year 
to focus on gratitude,
gathering together with loved ones, 
and our gifts to each other.

In this spirit, 
I want to send out my gratitude and thanks to all of you,
who have been so kind,
 as to read my blog,
leave such uplifting and supportive comments, 
and consistently make me feel that I am 
doing something worthwhile
with my art and words.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving !

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Holidays Next...

you don't need 
a goal in life, 
you don't need 
to know the big picture.

you just need to know 
you're going 
to do next!” 

I had to giggle when I read this quote. 
I am a list maker, a goal setter, a big picture dreamer...
and lately, 
a chaser of my tail. 
With the holidays fast approaching,
I've been working my tail off, making & creating 
holiday ornaments, plates, birdhouses,
small paintings and more. 
Getting ready for holiday boutiques
brings me to the same place very year... 
trying to start a little earlier- 
trying to be organized
trying to make a general plan...
and it 

So once again, I am approaching,
 this lovely season of craziness,
with joy and deep breathes,
remembering this verse...

For I know the plans 
I have for you,
plans to give you 
hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

because His plans are always 
bigger and better!

A little sneak peek at some of my holiday offerings...
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  and these are just the beginning!

happy T H A N K S G I V I N G week friends!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another blOOm in the garden of Flora Bowley

To blOOm 
or not 
to blOOm...
... it's nearly impossible 
to not blOOm
after a connection 
with Flora.
It was with much anticipation, excitement and an open heart 
that I had the privilege of participating in 
a Flora Bowley Bloom True workshop this past weekend in Malibu.
(hosted by the lovely Gina Armfield of Artinfusio in this most beautiful location.) 
I was on countdown throughout the year for this experience- 
knowing deep in my soul 
that it was going to be a "transforming" weekend.
...and transform, it did...
a weekend of "soul painting".
Flora has a unique way of sharing herself...
through her words, her wisdom, her wealth of artistic knowledge 
& her ability to give the tools,
to let our own 
artistic truth's emerge.
One concept that describes intuitive art is
"letting your hand's do the seeing, instead of you".
It was a foreign process for me to work directly with my hands on the canvas, 
but oh so fun and freeing!
Flora demonstrated every step in her process, 
while weaving breathing exercises, body movement, 
group sharing, journaling, word images, 
and a sense of letting go of perfection & expectation, 
into every cherished moment.
(the beginning of my process)
Working on 2 canvases 30" x  30" 
we made our marks, 
and painted many many layers 
to gain a depth of color, 
that began to really sing, toward the end of the weekend.
Our own words of affirmation to keep us centered...
Flora's work is ever changing as she flips the canvas, and reminds us to 
"let go of expectations~ focus on the process & not the final piece"...

I think we were all in awe of every stroke of color
 she applied to the canvas.

Flora's insights into the application of paint layers, 
while "allowing the paint to emerge naturally~ 
encourages our own process of discovery".
Her use of color and guidance with acrylic paint, 
had me dreaming of the possibilities,
 as we were coming to a close.

Flora's final demo piece. 
It amazes me to think of how she started this piece,
and the beautiful story that evolved through the process.
I came away so inspired & ready to 
paint through "new eyes".
If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her workshops, 
I'd say- R U N- don't walk! 
It's an experience of a lifetime!
Here's the progression of my two pieces...
 from the transparent, wet on wet layer's...
 to the beginning of
the fatter layer's of colorful paint...
spiraling in and out...
 to look, see, and feel 
what is happening on the canvas.

I am not completely done with either, 
but I am defining that I really like, 
and am working on letting them emerge.
From what I've learned, this may become a whole different painting in a few days...
I'll post them when they are complete.

Endless possibilities... spiritual connections... 
and a wealth of gratitude for this experience! 
thank you dear Flora!

...more beautiful writings about this workshop can be found here...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Speaking of J O Y ...

is the simplest 
of gratitude. 

~Karl Barth

And it is with that same
spirit of 
j o y
 that I am posting 
these "almost finished" pieces.

Last post, I spoke of navigating some uncharted territory-
exploring a new ways of seeing, 
combining elements,
and mixing new mediums. 

I do consider myself an "explorer" here.

Being much more comfortable with watercolor...
I am voyaging down a road less traveled, 
trying to find my own place, 
my own thumbprint, 
my own mark 
in this fascinating and freeing 
world of mixed media.

So, what is missing 
are some words...
I've been pondering what statement or what word, 
belongs on each of piece...
and if there even 
needs to be anything.

Secretly, I've been holding off completing...
as I am going to be at 
this weekend.
(If you aren't familiar with Flora's work- check out the links above- 
I am amazed by her color, the freedom expressed, and organic nature of her pieces.)

I've been anticipating this for most of the year-
I am giddy with excitement.
I anticipate
so much inspiration,
so much learning,
and perhaps discovery of a new mark
after this experience.

And along the way... I know those words will come.

(I'll post after the weekend, and share some inspiration from Flora's Workshop!
I am humbled and grateful to have this opportunity... 
have a create-full weekend friends!

Linking up at Studio JRU for a sneak peek Friday~ 
check out what the other lovelies have been up to.)

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