Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who's Flying Now...?

 ...where did   t i m e  go...

Just a few thoughts today...
A lot of feelings this week... a lot of emotions... and a lot of energy! Although,I have been in the process of learning to "fly" in business ( I have also been in the learning to "let go" and "accept the process" changes that are appearing at the base of every path I look down. (A serious message, if it's written on every path before me- yes? sounds like growth, with a touch of fear mixed in, for good balance).

Well, the metaphor for the week is "High School Graduation". Nothing like your youngest graduating from high school to teach you about "letting go" and accepting "change". 

I am off to the graduation ceremony, where I am sure I will have that video in my mind that zips through the baby years, childhood, classroom mom, silent auctions, art programs, favorite teachers, worrying that he's making friends, fitting in, worrying that he's on target, making changes, encouraging his talents, watching him grow, watching him succeed, watching become a fine young man with a lot of path's of his own to choose from, journey on, and accept.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Leaping toward the sky..."


I made 
w i s h,  
c a m e  
to be ...

I've been feeling as if I am at a crossroads in my creative process as of late, and I haven't been able to put my finger on what the next step is to be. I came across an e-course that has become a dream come true. 

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"Flying Lessons," by kellyrae roberts has been, and is continuing to be, a perfectly timed gift.  I feel as if I am looking through a lens of a camera and the view is getting clearer and more focused everyday. And how could it not? When you look at the work, words and wisdom of kellyrae... ( you know you are in good hands-- literally! (check out some of her pictures on her blog- you'll see what I mean.)

It has been inspiring and uplifting to meet many new friends through this process. I am sure you'll see the gradual changes between my blog and my offerings, when this course comes to completion. There are so many new ideas and creative paths revealing themselves, that I find I am getting to bed later and later every night. My journal book is filling up fast, and I feel like I've learned to read in chinese. Oh- what I mean is... reading the lesson's online, (along with the multitudes of incredible and informative comments from fellow traveler's) has me scrolling up and down to savor every last bite. I think I may have a handle on the chinese reading format. Just need to learn the language.

I'd like to share a video clip that was posted in class. It promotes a dvd that shows many women artists living out their bravest dreams. What an inspiration- and that's just the clip.
Onward to face fears, be brave, soak up more and fly...
This video is a keeper!

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