Monday, December 2, 2013

It's That Time of Year… again...

I've been thinking about this past weekend…
that weekend of 
t h a n k f u l n e s s… 
that begins the lovely season of  
g a t h e r i n g...
our thoughts 
our lists
our plans
our food 
our gifts
our connections with friends
our connections with family…
g a t h e r i n g
all the little pieces that 
will make up the 
coming weeks.
As I work on some gifts from the heART
and prepare for boutiques...
and as I
g a t h e r
I am continually reminded of all the blessings 
that have been put on my path. 
It is in the spirit of gratitude, that I approach this season 
with eyes wide open and a full heart.

p.s. those sweet little woodblocks above, were created by moi in a wonderful online class 
by Junelle Jacobsen… the Art of Holiday Goodness - still available for sign ups.
Check out my etsy shop if you are interested in any woodblocks for gifting.  

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