Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little French Flea Market

As predicted, the sun came out again. Not only was there a freshness in the air, but a clearness in the skies, evoking a return of inspiration. I got busy making more plates for the upcoming  French Flea Market. This venue would be a little different than most that I have attended. It wasn't so much a Boutique or Craft showing, as it was a Vintage, French Market venue. I brought some fun display items and a few vintage pieces that I wanted to sell to  complete my table. Participating in these shows is always a learning experience. Each time I do one, I learn something new about marketing myself, the buyers, the types of vendors and the creativity that abounds every where. I love it!! You meet some really fun people and although, it is a long day of hard work, there is such a joy in the response. I especially appreciate the support I get from family and friends whenever I do one of these days. Husband extraordinaire is always willing to shlep and friends come to support and bring coffee. Life is good!

a few I M A G E S of 
the vendor displays 
at the H I D D E N  
C H A T E A U 
in West Hills.

very F R E N C H...oui?

 more  T W I G 2 N E S T  designs...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeling like Fall...

The weather here in LA has been unusually rainy. It's funny how Angeleno's love their sunny days,(unless of course it's above 90 degrees) and how they don't always welcome a change to that plan.
Well, being a native NYer who finally absorbed into the CA landscape, I find the rain always pulls at my core. It awakens the notion that change is coming. Even if only for a day.
Time to heat the mulling spices, light the fire, and pretend it's Fall for a day or two. I'll be inspired by a "fresh view" when the sun returns.
  fall   p a p e r  inspirations

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glass & Beads...

You'll see as we blog along, that I like to create in several areas.
(I credit those crayons from childhood- so many colors, so many choices.)

decoupage H A P P I N E S S bowl


twig2nest Studio is my way to explore decoupage on glass, (of which I've been doing for some years now) as well as the new journey I've been on with jewelry. It's funny how one creative path will lead to another. Just when I think my eyes were filled up from all kinds of paper- handmade, graphic, tissue and the like... along comes the visual world of beads & findings. Add a few words, a photo, a graphic design and you've got a whole new trail to blaze.

R E A C H  glass pendant

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