Monday, November 19, 2012

And so it begins...

A few things in the "art life" are aligning themselves...
I am finding that they are happening in 
Groups of events...
Groups of people...
c o n n e c t i o n s...

A couple of years ago,
I dared myself to 
b e l i e v e 
I dared myself to face
f e a r
and I dared myself to 
s t e p  o u t...
Stepping out sure looks pretty in a group!
there's comfort in a group,
there's beauty in a group,
and there's fearlessness in a group
I love the connection that art brings! 

Here's one group of lovelies...
now showing through the end of the month at LEDE Gallery
To see everyone's work up close and personal, take a peek at
LEDE on Facebook. The SHOP button links to everyone's work.

The other "moon & star" alignment 
involves another group of lovelies...
from the original 101010 project. 
A few month's ago, I hosted a series of artist's interviews 
that had to do with a group of creatives, pursuing their artistic dreams. 
The originator of this fabulous project, Robin Norgren,
compiled a book, based on interviews with over 40 creative women
(including me!!!! woo hooo! I am officially published)
sharing their thoughts on running a creative business.
Spark and Inspire is one amazing collaboration, 
and I am humbled and honored to be part of Robin's vision.

I will be posting a GIVEAWAY in December 
for a PDF COPY of Robin's lovely collaboration! 
The book is available now thru amazon
and makes for a wonderful gift.

Along with the PDF giveaway... there will be a  little goody from me 
to celebrate fearless women taking flight!

Stay in the loop by checking back!
Starting to feel 
art emerge.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where we've been... Where we're going...

Blink... and it's gone... 

October... seriously... poof... gone...
I got to thinking about 
T I M E..
and how,
as much as  
I T  
leaves us- 
shows up again
leaving its mark 
in the
"where we have been"
"where we are going".

Where I have been this past month, is working my tail feathers off 
towards a few goals and possibilities...
Where I am going... is on that same path of 
putting various forms of my artistic soul 
out into the world.

With that, I am so pleased to be included in a group show starting November 9th. 
A first time- out of state, gallery show! 
Six of my original mixed media pieces will be on view 
and available for sale at LEDE Gallery, Wake Forest, NC. 
They are part of a show called "Taking Flight, a journey of extraordinary women." 
The exhibit is comprised of a group of artists, 
who participated in an e-course 
together with "Kelly Rae Roberts", 
a well known mixed media artist, and "possibilitarian". 

This show, was born out of a dream that Dani Keith
an artist, metalsmith & jewelry designer had...
 to bring together, the art and passion of this group in a curated show of work.
The first part of her dream, and the dream of other's 
will be realized this week at LEDE Gallery.
The second part of the journey involves a show 
at Reston Arts Center, Virginia. 
If you aren't in the NC area, and want to check my pieces out, 
they will be available on dailypaintworks, as well. 
(a few shown above)

Looking forward to being part of some wonderful-ness
with much gratitude!

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