Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where we've been... Where we're going...

Blink... and it's gone... 

October... seriously... poof... gone...
I got to thinking about 
T I M E..
and how,
as much as  
I T  
leaves us- 
shows up again
leaving its mark 
in the
"where we have been"
"where we are going".

Where I have been this past month, is working my tail feathers off 
towards a few goals and possibilities...
Where I am going... is on that same path of 
putting various forms of my artistic soul 
out into the world.

With that, I am so pleased to be included in a group show starting November 9th. 
A first time- out of state, gallery show! 
Six of my original mixed media pieces will be on view 
and available for sale at LEDE Gallery, Wake Forest, NC. 
They are part of a show called "Taking Flight, a journey of extraordinary women." 
The exhibit is comprised of a group of artists, 
who participated in an e-course 
together with "Kelly Rae Roberts", 
a well known mixed media artist, and "possibilitarian". 

This show, was born out of a dream that Dani Keith
an artist, metalsmith & jewelry designer had...
 to bring together, the art and passion of this group in a curated show of work.
The first part of her dream, and the dream of other's 
will be realized this week at LEDE Gallery.
The second part of the journey involves a show 
at Reston Arts Center, Virginia. 
If you aren't in the NC area, and want to check my pieces out, 
they will be available on dailypaintworks, as well. 
(a few shown above)

Looking forward to being part of some wonderful-ness
with much gratitude!


  1. Those are truly, utterly gorgeous pictures. I LOVE the colours you have used. All the best for the 9th

  2. These are some gorgeous work of yours, Valerie. I love the richness in the colors, and the book pages as wings for the birds really pop in the paintings. Absolutely beautiful.


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