Monday, September 5, 2011

In giving... we receive.

"For it is in
that we
St Francis of Assisi

After choosing in a most traditional way...
(by putting everyone's name into a bowl, and having my nephew pull one out),
I am happy to say, that I have a winner of my "grateful giveaway"!

Congratulations to Melissa Prell!!
This lovely little birdie house will be personalized
 and find it's way to your house,
by the end of this week.

So it was in the spirit of doing this giveaway,
that I had the pleasure of reading about everyone else's creative process
and a shared personal word, or quote of inspiration.

I couldn't help but include everyone's words here, and a link, to each one's lovely blog.
What joy to receive
the gift of words...

"The word that has been rolling around in my head lately is 
connect or connection,
 as in to God, myself and others. 
I also love peace, love, joy, and beauty. "
Melissa Prell

"I am with Mark Twain and his "20 years from now" quote. 
"Explore. Dream. Discover."
Carola Bartz

"and I will have to go with the quote by Marisa of creative Thursday:
 "I am a Thriving Artist"

Inspiring words, hmmmm. . . how about, "see beauty".

My favourite art quote for inspiration is
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures"
"help mommy!" 
Robin Norgren

"...DARE TO BELIEVE is the quote I live by today..."

oh... and by the way~ the watercolor above, is another piece I am working on.  
I am creating a grouping of watercolor birds 
that I plan to use in a mixed media series... 
so true to my process, 
I am creating, stopping observing, and creating again...
will be the post,
 where I share, all of the final discoveries 
that these little watercolors will yield.
haPPy creating!

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