Monday, February 24, 2014

What's so BIG About January & February?

(working as an apprentice under the masters, allows one to explore 
the master's style… and later apply to your own works)
Part of my BIG for this year 
was a commitment to learning & growing…
a promise to myself to develop my own art with intent, 
as well as the art that I am teaching.
Kind of like those New Year promises that we make
that involve a gym, losing weight, and eating really healthy.
I am happy to say, that I haven't joined a new gym- 
haven't been drinking green blender drinks either...
 but I have kept the commitment to develop my art 
and I am really happy with what I feel is happening.
Part of the BIG 
was taking two online classes while juggling the rest of life.
Turns out to be one of the best decisions ever!
The quality of the two classes, along with the content has stretched me, 
pushed me, disciplined me, and opened a sense of freedom 
beyond what I was accustomed to in own my process.
So… the recommendation's go like this…
Studying with the Master's
a Jeanne Oliver class with some all-time favorite teachers 
(including my beloved Junelle Jacobsen)...
and Full Circle Workshop with Misty Mawn.
Both are in process, but are accessible online for a year or more.
Both have been instrumental for creative growth bigtime!
The charcoal sketch above and two pieces below are from
The variety of work Misty teaches is amazing, and the techniques she shares, 
soooo allow you room to build upon. 
The parallel I found here, 
was whether working from 
the "masters" or working 
from a "master"…
you're going to learn about yourself & build upon your own style.

Just as "art learning" should be… 
I can see the BIG part of the past 7 weeks or so... 
to be that self-discovery 
that will only sharpen 
the process, and make my art 
and teaching better for the people I share with.
So grateful that we can learn so much from and with other kindred spirits
through this crazy thing called e-course!
…more master's study with Matisse..

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