Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Does Watercolor Scare you?

An essential aspect of
creativity is not being
afraid to fail.
-Edwin Land

Fearless, fearless... that's what I know to be true.
The mind says "be fearless"...
but the heart says... 
"Yikes... this is out of my comfort zone"

So many people tell me they think watercolor is a difficult medium.
I don't know why, but watercolor came easier to me than oil and acrylic.
Although I LOVE both of these mediums... 
there's something about the organic nature of watercolor 
that forever calls my name.
I think the "uncontrolled" temperament of the medium 
is what scares & delights at the same time.
I've been asked by so many 
to share some of what I know...
the hows and whats of my process.

Talk about having to be "fearless"...

I finally completed the process of learning how to make a video
that I feel comfortable putting out into the world.
Grateful for a course that I highly recommend...
(by the incredibly talented, 
most fabulous soulful photographer
Vivienne McMaster...)
I now know that I can be 
"be fearless"...
(after really being out of my comfort zone)
 in creating video's to share along the way.
Thank-you Vivienne McMaster! 

This is only the beginning...

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