Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Does Watercolor Scare you?

An essential aspect of
creativity is not being
afraid to fail.
-Edwin Land

Fearless, fearless... that's what I know to be true.
The mind says "be fearless"...
but the heart says... 
"Yikes... this is out of my comfort zone"

So many people tell me they think watercolor is a difficult medium.
I don't know why, but watercolor came easier to me than oil and acrylic.
Although I LOVE both of these mediums... 
there's something about the organic nature of watercolor 
that forever calls my name.
I think the "uncontrolled" temperament of the medium 
is what scares & delights at the same time.
I've been asked by so many 
to share some of what I know...
the hows and whats of my process.

Talk about having to be "fearless"...

I finally completed the process of learning how to make a video
that I feel comfortable putting out into the world.
Grateful for a course that I highly recommend...
(by the incredibly talented, 
most fabulous soulful photographer
Vivienne McMaster...)
I now know that I can be 
"be fearless"...
(after really being out of my comfort zone)
 in creating video's to share along the way.
Thank-you Vivienne McMaster! 

This is only the beginning...


  1. That was wonderful Valerie! Thanks for giving us a peek as you work!

  2. That was FUN to watch! Loved getting to peek at how you work!

  3. Hi Valerie. We met in Seattle, when you came by the Beanfish stand (and you bought some fish-shaped waffles) where I was working and we chatted about art, Seattle, and NYC. I finally got a chance to stop by your website and I love it. Your videos and tips will make my water coloring skills better! ~Annie Z.


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