Friday, October 11, 2013

Stretching Out of the Comfort Level.

Creativity takes courage.” 
~Henri Matisse 

Have you ever worked on a piece that caused you 
to stretch a bit out of your comfort zone?
Don't laugh... but initially, for me it was the use of textural products...
unryu rice paper, gesso, modeling paste and more. 
I was so accustomed to how my paints worked on a flat surface... 
on what I was most comfortable with.
It took quite a bit of trial and error to get my color to look pleasing over texture.
It was such a stretch in the beginning... 
and yet it became that gentle reminder 
to be brave in the "process"...
because that's where the

I chose to share this piece because it was based on one of the projects 
I know I mention Junelle a lot here, 
but I am a big fan of her online classes.
I've come to know the comfort in her style of teaching.
She has a way of connecting, sharing, and teaching to everyone.
from the beginner to the seasoned artist...
from the "baby lamb" to the "mature ewe"...
(she's a little cray cray for sheep)
all from her overwhelmingly big heart
and her most grounded soul.
If  you are interested in working with watercolors,
stretching your wings,
while learning some fun and playful techniques, 
that will free your soul to create beautiful art...
I highly recommend her Fall/Winter class online.
It starts October 22... with a warm & welcoming 
Open House on October 15th.
sign ups going on now...

Can't wait to see what she has in store for us.
I give it 10 hearts up!

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  1. love this valerie! it's perfectly done in braveness. {signed up too... looking forward to it!} blessings~


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