Monday, July 11, 2011

Ants in the Pants?

"D O U B T S
are the ants in the pants 
of   f a i t h. 
They keep it awake and moving."

Does that just make you smile or what?

I just love this quote!!! 
It screamed at me, 
because I tend to think my brain is filled with more 
"art doubt" than "art belief " half the time. 
I know these words weren't originally quoted in the context of 
but I couldn't help but apply it, to that continued artistic quest~
the one that always makes me question what I am doing...
how I am doing it... and am I doing it right?
Thank goodness for  

 And it is with that faith, 
I am bursting with excitement over a new little project!

I've been stretching my wings a bit on this decoupage path~
creating a little collection of birdie houses~ 
a heart tug, 
that was born from 
a few smaller pieces 
I had created, 
with wood.

the beginning of something "new"... 
bigger birdie houses 
with a shabby chic~ frenchie feel.
taking a creative break in-between glue and paper time...
a watercolor warm-up... 
one colorful bird 
that I imagine 
might like to inhabit this birdie house.
Having "faith" that it's coming along...

and I think my felt friend likes it too.

~a BIG SHOUT OUT... I purchased my felt friend at Agoura Antique Mart 
a most fabulous, hip, antique shopping mart!

stay tuned ~  a couple more birdie houses happening this week...

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