Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Leaping toward the sky..."


I made 
w i s h,  
c a m e  
to be ...

I've been feeling as if I am at a crossroads in my creative process as of late, and I haven't been able to put my finger on what the next step is to be. I came across an e-course that has become a dream come true. 

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"Flying Lessons," by kellyrae roberts has been, and is continuing to be, a perfectly timed gift.  I feel as if I am looking through a lens of a camera and the view is getting clearer and more focused everyday. And how could it not? When you look at the work, words and wisdom of kellyrae... ( you know you are in good hands-- literally! (check out some of her pictures on her blog- you'll see what I mean.)

It has been inspiring and uplifting to meet many new friends through this process. I am sure you'll see the gradual changes between my blog and my offerings, when this course comes to completion. There are so many new ideas and creative paths revealing themselves, that I find I am getting to bed later and later every night. My journal book is filling up fast, and I feel like I've learned to read in chinese. Oh- what I mean is... reading the lesson's online, (along with the multitudes of incredible and informative comments from fellow traveler's) has me scrolling up and down to savor every last bite. I think I may have a handle on the chinese reading format. Just need to learn the language.

I'd like to share a video clip that was posted in class. It promotes a dvd that shows many women artists living out their bravest dreams. What an inspiration- and that's just the clip.
Onward to face fears, be brave, soak up more and fly...
This video is a keeper!


  1. Valerie - So glad to have found you via Flying Lessons. Your Happiness Bowl made my Beauty Board, a weekly feature I do on Sundays. You can check it out at Here's to taking flight!


  2. Hi Valerie! Nice to meet a fellow person named Valerie! I too spent many years as a graphic designer to "pay the bills" but my heart really wants to paint! I am a fellow Flying Lesson mate too and so enjoying this e-course and connecting to everyone. Love your work in your Etsy store! Blessings, xoxo Valerie


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