Wednesday, November 23, 2011


... and so 
the season 

Although I'd like to think of 
gratitude as a 365 day a year thing, 
I love, that we take some time at the end of each year 
to focus on gratitude,
gathering together with loved ones, 
and our gifts to each other.

In this spirit, 
I want to send out my gratitude and thanks to all of you,
who have been so kind,
 as to read my blog,
leave such uplifting and supportive comments, 
and consistently make me feel that I am 
doing something worthwhile
with my art and words.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving !

my appreciation is extended to all of you lovelies
with a WEEKEND SALE in my etsy shop.
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If you've been eyeing anything- 
now's the time to save.

oh... and I am grateful for homemade scones too!


My gratitude to you for taking the time to stop by~~~ Feel free to leave some seeds of growth behind...

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