Saturday, March 19, 2011

Listening to the Inner Voice Chick...

It's been a couple of weeks since I've linked to StudioJRU~ Sneak Peek Fridays. 
There are so many talented artists there, that share their blogs 
throughout the weekend. 
It's always inspiring to see what everyone has been up to. 
I feel like I am missing  c o f f e e  with my friends 
when I haven't gotten a chance to link up and visit. 
So, today I'm sitting here with cappucino in hand, reading and sharing....

I'm getting excited about something that I have been planning for a while, 
and now am feeling like may come to fruition. 
I love to work in watercolor, and I love making my decoupage plates. 
I've been thinking about applying  m y  o w n  graphic watercolor art 
to the plates rather than the usual graphic patterned papers I find to create with. 
I have done this in the past, but with existing watercolor pieces that I'd already done. 
The difference here, is that I am actually creating the art for a specific plate, and words. 
It's coming together and feeling good.
And if it's  f e e l i n g  g o o d,  then I must 
be listening to that i n n e r   v o i c e!
(do you ever wonder what she looks like- that inner voice chick?
I wonder if she's cute- young- old- floating around or buzzing like a hummingbird- 
maybe even sporting red hair like me?)

So- this week, you get an unofficial peek at the process...
the "inner voice chick" is still giving direction, 
but I am happy with the path she's put me on.

~my graphic blooms~

~sweet little birdie~

~playing with placement~

~leaves:: one of my favorite things~

~another beginning~

All of the plates are in process- should be fun to see what develops through the week!
What does your i n n e r   v o i c e chick look like? 
I may have to paint mine- she's starting to reveal herself more and more.

p.s. a sneak peek at another "soon-to-be" listing on etsy at twig2neststudio

~link-up at studiojru for more inspiration!  



  1. Love the bird houses...bring them down to we can see them.

  2. Love the plats, wow those are going to be cool!~

  3. I am so glad you are listening to THAT inner voice!!! I think my favorite is the seed pod...seeds of love is what they look like!

  4. "I feel like I am missing coffee with my friends when I haven't gotten a chance to link up and visit." That is so sweet and exactly the feeling I hope this group has. Like meeting up with friends to share what we are doing! ♥ I love your watercolors. They are gorgeous. And a perfect idea to use your own art on the plates!! Yay for listening to that inner voice!

  5. I'm loving your own art on the plates. You go girl. They're bold and lovely and original! Birdie's my favorite. The beak goes on forever,love that!

  6. these are SO SO BEAUTIFUL Valerie!

  7. I love it! So beautiful...I somehow missed you on Friday! But am glad to see this work in progress today! =)

  8. Thanks everyone for taking the time to drop by with words of support. It's like opening a present, every time I see the comment number change. Hugs and appreciation!

  9. These are great. Really great. I just love your paintings and using them on plates makes a truly original work of art! Wow!


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