Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Let your L I F E be a painting..."

F i r s t   t h i n g s   f i r s t....

I needed to share this inspirational goodie with everyone...
a simple beautiful arrangement of words~

" When I say B E creative,
I don't mean 
you should all go
and become great painters 
and great poets.

I simply mean
let your L I F E be a painting,
let your L I F E be a poem."

I fell in love with this quote, while reading a book that has become 
one of the most profound finds, 
filling my art spirit at the moment.

(just a little teaser~ but I'm interested in throwing out some seeds  to see if anyone 
would want to take root in this book together. 
As a small tribe, I think it could be invaluable to share learning, through the words 
and creative challenges that Patti Digh has woven together in this incredibly insightful book. 
Let me know in the comments section or by email if there is any interest.)

Are you thinking...what up with all the photo's? 
I had a lot going on this week in the land of "creating". 
I was juggling between a couple of etsy orders for my personalized keychains
~new plate designs using my watercolors-stay tuned
~a new idea that's been brewing in my right brain for a artsy pin (above) 
using textural yarns & silk and...
~more little inspirational birdhouses.

personalized keychains in process.... 

one of the finished pieces.... 

 the little birdhouse line-up...

a few finished designs ... I'm liking the words... I'm liking the words!

So- the items for upcoming boutiques & refilling the etsy store are well under way, 
but I need to get back to my paint brushes!
 Maybe next week?

 Once again... linking up to studiojru
lots of inspiration & talented artist linkups to see!



  1. I love the quote at the beginning, so true. I haven't read this book by Patti Digh (Life is a Verb, though) but it sounds interesting and tempting.
    Love your birdhouses - you sure have been busy.

  2. So beautiful! And I love the saying!

    That bright little birdhouse is just calling me! I have always thought that if I had a home...I'd love to watch birds from my porch!

    Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. I really like seeing all the little birdhouses lined up in a row. The first pic is pretty. Is it a pin you wear? Love it all! Hugs!

  4. Great quote! Looks like you have all kinds of fun and goodies coming together. Love to see the progress! I have a lot on my plate at the moment... but diving into this book as a group sounds like fun. Maybe we can work it out somehow if people are interested? :)

  5. I love that quote -- it seems very fitting for my own life right now. It seems that whatever God is showing me, that is what I draw.

    Also, I stopped by your other blog, too. You have beautiful paintings!

  6. Just a note back to everyone that visits here....

    I can't thank-you enough for the warm, encouraging comments that you leave. It really makes this process sooo rewarding. I appreciate everyone of you and your immeasurable talents!

  7. Oh Diana- the first image is going to be a pin to wear. I am trying to use a little watercolor of mine in the pendant, but I will also have one with a photo- people are loving the personalized photo keychain that I have on etsy- so I was trying a spin on it.

  8. Digh's book was one of the first books I read through when I was THINKING ABOUT what it would be like to create art.

    Valerie, your new work is really so VIBRANT; I am loving the details.

  9. Dearest sweet valerie, it's wonderful to get back in the swing of things here on blogland! Those words are sooo inspiring and it made me smile! I will have to check out that book too. Thanks so much for this inspiration sweet val!
    WOW looks like you have been busy too creating lots of awesome goodies. I love those gorgeous keychains and especially adore those oh-so-adorable bird houses! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

    ps: thank you so much for leaving such a sweet and beautiful comment over at my little bubble space. It's making my sunday morning a really happy one! Hugz!

  10. I would love to read this book with a group!


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