Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding My Art Spirit... in the Middle of Everything Else.

Is it just me, or do you feel like you are  a l w a y s  going in 20 different directions?

I had some deadline graphic work to complete... 
a self imposed deadline to do a small ad for myself to put on the handmade gift guide... 
an online webinar the right brain business plan to follow up with... 
a couple of small orders from etsy...
the usual social networking, researching upcoming shows to start applications for, 
listing on etsy, checking in with teams on etsy...
not to mention all of the personal sides of daily life that gobble our time.
Can you hear my brakes screeching as I am coming around the curve...
 getting my blog writing done, before the sun sets on this warm, 
and beautiful SoCal Saturday.... long sentence... B R E A T H E....

My evenings have been a treat catching up on this FREE online 
out of the box approach,
 to creating a business plan for yourself. This new creative book 
The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee
is the core of this wonderful video summit, 
with speakers such as Michelle Ward, Lisa Sonora Beam, and many more.
There are so many wonderful resources out there for our creative souls... 
I am continually amazed at how each one has something unique to offer. 
Still time to sign up for next weeks session!

At the end of this week, I was feeling starved for my  a r t   s p i r i t.  
Although it was a productive, and inspiring week... it seems that I end up doing 
so much "business oriented" work,  that  a r t  almost becomes secondary.

I decided to pull out the oil paint and complete my BLOSSOMS. 
I completed one of three some time ago, but felt like it would be a good exercise 
and perhaps awaken the  a r t   s p i r i t  that keeps getting pushed aside.

I wanted to share these close up's because I feel like I've reached a turning point. 
I've been working toward loosening my brushstoke's and creating cleaner color in oil. 
Having worked so much in watercolor, I find it a real brain bender to paint in oil.

After all of the "have to do's" this past week, it was a breath of fresh air 
to spend time completing some art. 
It's amazing how the  a r t   s p i r i t will sit in the background...
and wait for me. It waits quietly, and yet with presence. 
I know it is there, breathing softly, 
waiting to be called upon when needed...
to show its
t r u e  &  a u t h e n t i c

What is your  a r t   s p i r i t calling you to do this week?

Want to be inspired ... check out some other creative blogs on Sneak Peek Fridays...
thanks sweet JENNIFER!
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    1. Love your favorite color combo. I just signed up for the video summit, too. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Reading through your post I was thinking, yes, yep, that's me, oh yes! I am signing up. Are they different each week, or will I heard what you have already listened to? Love this painting... beautiful Valerie.

    3. Oh i love your work. The painting you are working on is just beautiful. Love the colors in it....just yummy! Have a great day! heather

    4. there go my favorite buds. i definately feel the spin...spin...spin. i made a schedule for myself today and had much success but much left to do and none of it is painting. lol

      b good.

    5. Valerie, I saw something similar as your painting in someone's art journal last week, and loved it...I will HAVE to try this myself! And thanks for all the great info - I definitely am going to check out that right brain video summit (how can Inot if it is free!)


    6. hey all- in case you check back... I can't thank-you enough for leaving such supportive and sweet comments. It really means so much to know that you are out there. I get so excited with every note. It's tough with all of this social networking to know if what you are putting out there is meaningful.
      I am humbled by you all!

      Oh Jennifer- the Right-Brain Business Plan Video tomorrow is all new info. It's different every day! I'll do a quick post...


    My gratitude to you for taking the time to stop by~~~ Feel free to leave some seeds of growth behind...

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