Sunday, April 1, 2012

Changes in an Art Life...

Have you ever had that feeling that things are about to change? 
That feeling deep in your gut
that you know you are on the pinnacle 
of something shifting?
"change is hard".

I started out this year with an anticipation of big change.
Pursuing and persisting after it.
Being boldby taking two courses 
to help navigate the way 
toward a new
a r t   l i f e
Being brave
by taking 
one challenging art business course, 
while igniting 
my creative side 
with a 
free & wild 
art journaling class.
I've been on a soul searching journey,
knowing well, that
 a lot of work had to be done
 in preparing to 
redirect and create 
what I really want from this
a r t   l i f e.
I spoke about this incredible soulful business course in my last post...
(Hello Soul Hello Business::  by the notable & wonderful Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nichols)

 It is happening...
I can see the pieces 
being reorganized.

...and it is really hard work... who'd think it?
It's kicking my butt,
making me face fears,
and showing me that  
transitioning to 
any new
a r t   l i f e 
takes time, effort, soul, and a whole lotta of work. 
So, this is where I've been at... working on the soul,
 of my... soon to be... new...
a r t   l i f e
In a space of exploring my art style through journaling and painting.
(the best class ever by Christy Tomlinson:: The Art of Wild Abandonment
featuring art journaling with Junelle Jacobson  & Christy Tomlinson) 

In a space of learning, and planning... 
In a space of incredible creativity and fun,
and in a space 
that is pushing so much on the left side of my brain 
that it may actually burst! 
So grateful, for the journaling right brain class 
to keep it all in balance. thank goodness for 
and all of the change it brings...

the season that reminds us 
to see new blossoms...
that season that teaches us to anticipate
growth and beauty.

(and in case I haven't officially said it, the "new art life" is all about creating a space 
to sell my art paintings, offer workshops, and develop soulful ways to share the gifts I've been given
 to bring creativity, connection, and joyfulness, while inspiring others to see the gifts in themselves .)  
An unofficial vision statement.... hmmmm....

(Note:: the painting at the top is a 36 x 48 acrylic, intuitive- 
prints soon to be available in my etsy shop... 
taking big steps...)

linking up with Jennifer & the artistes at studiojru
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