Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday...Black Friday...Sanity Saturday... Simple Praise Sunday...& Cyber Monday

Looking ahead, it appears that there are few days of importance 
following our wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. 
Day's that have their own "title", their own "brand"- 
Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 
I've added my own brands to the following few days...

t h a n k f u l   thursday
that wonderful day that we reflect on all that we are thankful for.
b l a c k   friday
the day that we are told we should be shopping for the best deals. 
(In honor of Black Friday I am running a few specials. 
Check "the nest" to see what the savings will be.)
s a n i t y   saturday
the day that I and others, will finally relax and collect our creative brains.
s i m p l e   p r a i s e  sunday
the day to think about, and honor, where all of our creativity comes from 
enabling us to be able to produce these artistic gifts for others.
c y b e r   monday
the day we are told that we should order online- especially from etsy! 

to all of the wonderful people who have supported me, shared with me, kept a watchful eye on me, and sent their friendship to me... I am  t h a n k f u l !

check out the specials at
Coupon codes start on Black Friday through Cyber Monday! Look for the specials....


  1. Beautiful blog - love the artwork.


  2. still luving your blog header and this post kinda sets the tone for it all! Thankful 4 ya!


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