Saturday, May 14, 2011

Preparation & Fear.. with a CAPITAL P & F

Just when 
the caterpillar 
thought the world 
was over, 
it became 
a butterfly

~ proverb

Don't laugh everyone, but I am going to write a brief post this time...  really!

I found that sweet quote above, and was thinking about it 
all week in the middle of my madness.
I've been prepping for PATCHWORK Indie Arts & Crafts
(as you know from my past couple of posts). 
I don't know why it is that I get so nervous- you'd think I'd be 
getting used to this process by now. 
This particular event, I am sharing a "B O O T H" 
with a vendor that I met at a previous show~ 
She makes the sweetest and hip plush designs out of reclaimed materials. 
I bought a kitty for my daughter, before she had a cat of her own. 
She set it in the window of her apartment, and now 
her real kitty and plush, share the window together. 
Fabulous creations by Zazu.

So back to my meltdown... 
it's not planning the items that scare me, it's not meeting new people, 
it's not the setting up and tearing down... 
This time... it's the concept of a BOOTH that's scaring the begeebies out of me! 

I've attended so many shows, where the space is so planned out and done so well.
This will be a totally new experience- out of the comfort zone for sure!
The good news, is that I am anticipating learning a bunch 
to help me along with the next one.

And when the event is over, 
I'm hoping to be a butterfly, 
or at the very least, 
a much smarter caterpillar...

making the fun stuff! 
Hearts & birdie houses at

 And yes, the wine was good- 
I needed the cork for texture on my hearts, 
so I had to drink it.

Linking up again with Studio JRU~ 
Enjoy taking a sneak peek, at the work of many talented artistes



  1. Always good when you have an excuse for drinking wine... :-)
    I would ALWAYS be nervous before a show, no matter what. I am so full of fear - I never had one. Well, eventually I will be more courageous, I know.

  2. Hi Valerie. I missed Sneak Peek Friday ..tons of work in preparation for my trip to Philadelphia and New York for SURTEX. I love that quote and this post really inspired me...and the art is beautiful. I know you will have a great time at the show...Hugs!!!

  3. such pretty colors everywhere! i love how you said you needed the cork so you had to drink the wine, lol! :)

  4. Hi Sweet Valerie! Thanks For Visiting Me Earlier. I Sincerely Appreciated The Time You Took To Leave Such Encouraging Words. Blogger Has Been Really Actin' Up Lately. Hey..I'm Lovin' Your Newest Creations. Beautiful Work! Loved The Quote Too..I Sure Needed The Reminder. Here's Sending You Wishes Of Great Success On Your Newest "PATCHWORK" Adventure. Have A Glorious Week And Keep Up The Great Work. Well Done Sweet Lady. Well Done. Hugs, Terri

  5. Don't be scared...I'm sure you'll do just fine. Do you have some shelves and such for your displays? In the past I've done vendor booths and I invested in those wire cubes that you can take up and down fairly quickly and you can hang things on the backs and sides as well. I simply used zip ties to hold it together since the plastic, round feet they provide can pop off easily. Then when I had to take them down I just cut the zip ties. I have these in my attic and storage shed now (left over from my vendor days ;) Hope this helps ;) Thanks for visiting my blog today. Fondly, Roberta

  6. Love the quote. I also love those birdhouses! I always find it encouraging when others step out into the unknown. Blessings on you!

  7. Oh Valerie! so glad that you are moving forward, sharing your gift and spreading hope one piece at a time. xoRobin

  8. I so love this proverb about the butterfly ... I know all will go well for you!


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