Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Singing in the woods...

Use what talents you possess:

the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there 

except those that sang best.

I always like to start my posts out with a quote that speaks to me..
Words that pertain to what part of the path I'm on...
Words that pertain to the joyful part of the process
or even the angst.
Well... lately I've been feeling really, um... well, in a nutshell... all over the place!
I call it artistic A.D.D.
I feel like I'm jumping from one thing to the next.
Going down several creative path's at once...
trying to find my market, while trying to really find my creative voice...
That creative voice has a lot to say-
(sometimes I think it's more like a creative 
f l a s h m o b
rather than a voice!)
A lot of activity, alot to take in, a lot of energy, 
 a lot of dancing, a lot of people watching, 
waiting for the big finish!
do you ever feel like this?

Not quite sure when the big finish will be, 
or even what it will end up ever looking like... 
but one thing I know for sure,
is that I have
that something good is down the road...
and that I must be still and listen...
and that the woods will continue to have many beautiful sounds,
because of that diverse and wonderful group of artists 
who are patiently using their talents.

my latest project... birdie houses! 
Having fun decoupaging these lovely home decor items 
in both botanical and shabby chic style. 
I began creating them for a dear friends wedding, as table decor. 
Since their debut on etsy (, 
I've been getting orders for them to be personalized 
with couple's names, and wedding dates. 
Lot's of possibilities for them.
  my favorite felt bird seems to like them too...

and below... the beginning of a couple of mixed media paintings. 
I'm trying something new here friends... 
 more about that next post!
I've missed linking up with Jennifer and the creatives at Studio JRU for a bit. 
(ahhh... the days of summer!)
But today, I'm back in the the link below 
to see what everyone has been up to.



  1. Love your your work...and can sooooooo relate to being all over the place....So many tempting techniques everywhere you look!!!


  2. Wow, this really hits home with me! i seem to be bouncing all around, too!!!

  3. Dearest sweet Val, loving the flow of creative energy going around here on your inspiring space! I feel like im flowing everywhere too!! Oh my and i adore your new creations! Loving the colors and the feel lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. I understand what you mean by trying out so many things. I do that, too, and it is good. Your birdhouses are so cute and I like the beginning of your mixed media paintings. Great colors.

  5. Your birdhouses are charming, Valerie! I love them! And the colors on your new backgrounds are lovely.

    I know what you mean about ADD; I jump from one type of project to another-wherever inspiration and Spirit lead! At least we don't get bored!

  6. I love the bird houses! I was smiling while reading your have seen my widely (or is it wildly?) varied artistic expressions! But I ran across another blog this week where the author was openly declaring that the viewer would see many different styles on her site, as she enjoyed experimenting while she was finding her creative voice...I so embrace that idea for myself! The bad thing is when I have several different styles going at the same time, I can lose my vision for the different pieces...perhaps that is the final step before finding one's own style/voice!?!


  7. Oh those are such great bird houses, I think any bird would love one of

    nice to meet u

    I am a CASTmember also

  8. Valerie,
    First let me say that I so appreciate your sweetness on fb, my blog, and Etsy. You are just a place of happy.

    Second. Love that quote you opened with! LOVE. IT. It is on a page in my journal and I highlighted it.

    And Third. Yes I have felt like you described. I am enjoying this art-journey ride. And feel a bit here and there and all over the place. But it's also like trying on clothes. Some look great on the hanger, but don't fit. And sometimes we have to try lots to get the right fit. I'm doing a bit of that myself.

    Smiles to you!

  9. I am so comforted to hear that I am not alone with artistic add! lol That is SO me! :) Love the beautiful birdie houses! They are so sweet. And I love the new paintings... can't wait to hear/see more about them! :)

  10. Oh these are the sweetest! I totally understand being in a creative flash mob mentality and trying to hang on...your post is perfect.

    I am loving the colors on your new art as well. I can't wait to see what comes next from your studio. You are an inspiration!

  11. ahh love these houses... and yes I am always all over the place art-wise. don't seem to be able to focus at all. maybe it is summer brain?

  12. Dearest sweet Val, i totally could relate to this creative "fleshmob" your are going through. Your keeping the right attitude and i too have faith that something good is down the road. :) I am loving your bigger bird houses. They are so beautiful and how cool to know that you are getting lots of opportunities with them! Congratz sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


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