Saturday, March 9, 2013

Planting seeds... and Heart Experiences...

This time of year is a little different for us...
 west coast cali-peeps. 
It's easer to lose track of the seasons, in a way... 
because the markers are much more subtle. 
Cold is 45 degree's and rain is... well...
oh my... blocking the sun from shining. 

The hills reflect light off of a carpet of green. 
Lavender blooms and camellia's burst alive with color.
All of this being  
somewhat of a pre-Spring...
before winter seeds 
come to a full bloom.

I always like this time of year, 
a r t  s e e d s  
planted from the new year
have been taking root.

One of  my seeds included 
creating an art & word journaling class, 
to be shared with 
a Life Group in my home.

I've been planning lessons to share with this lovely group of women, 
to encourage expression, spiritual connection and bravery.
I create my sample pages to encourage everyone to 
not   f e a r 
be  f r e e 
and  e x p r e s s.
We talk about "artistic license"a lot...
 and that there are no mistakes, 
just  g r o w t h.

I  have been humbly amazed at the connection that has been made.
The fear that dissolved, and the spirit that is continually felt among us 
when we gather to create.
Take a peek at what a lovely group can do, 
who were fearful of the concept of "self-portrait"
who thought they had no artistic ability...
who all looked at me with raised eyebrows 
when I mentioned the words
"take a picture of yourself on your phone..."
Our h e a r t s became full, 
as the tension went away, 
and everyone got in their own art space.
I am simply  a m a z e d ...
grateful for 
new seeds of growth. 
(Matthew 18:20)
"For when two or three come together in my name, there am I among them." 

...soooo thankful to Junelle Jacobsen for teaching Wild Art to us all, so we can share the process of art journaling in the world and connect hearts... There's still time to signup for Junelle's Spring Workshop
I soooo highly recommend it~ best class ever!

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