Friday, June 21, 2013

Palettes of color....

"I think palettes 
are a glimpse 
into the soul 
of a painter. 

Yep, you're going to heaven."
~Brian Schnetzer 
(friend extraordinaire)

When I posted a photo of my watercolor palette on facebook recently, 
one of my dearest friend's 
left the words above on my page.
I was so touched...
(well, he's that kind of person- one of those rare & cherished friends)
...he gave me cause to think...
our palette says a lot about who we are 
and how we approach our work.

If you've been on this blog space of a journey with me ... 
you are probably well aware of 
my affinity to 
w a t e r  C O L O R. 
(with an emphasis on the color part.)

 So many sweet friends have been asking about what colors I use, 
what type of paint, how etc. 
I thought it might be fun to start sharing some posts 
on the "how to's of what I do's".
I kind of see myself as a "rebel" when it comes to following (NOT) 
hard core "tradition" in watercolor. 
The very essence of the medium, evokes freedom and lack of control...
which is probably why I love it so. 
I am always learning lessons on 
 l e t t i n g   g o
a n d
t r u s t i n g,
when I create with watercolor.

Upon taking a deeper look at my palette, 
I noticed that I didn't have all of my colors lined up exactly 
with warm and cool colors in their proper place. 
I tend to put random bursts of color 
"outside of the box"
so to speak.
I also noticed that a lot of times, those random bursts of color 
are used in my work, as that color gem- that little sparkle added to the page.
Wow, there's more to your palette when you start to really look at it.
It's kind of a metaphor for how I like to create
and live my creative life.
What paint?? I am asked often...
I like a combination of Holbein & Windsor Newton brand.
You can see from my journal book pages 
that I am a big fan of wet on wet and glazing techniques.
I believe those techniques, allow me to achieve a lot of depth, 
as well as an organic feel to my work.

The "pear and lavendar" spread above, is from one of my journal books-
inspired by all that I learned from Wild Art classes with Junelle Jacobsen.
I am sooo in love with journal pages...
as it allows the freedom to explore and create 
for a larger work.
Tomorrow starts a "new session" of Wild Art  called 

I'm feeling like a little kid... so looking forward to creating new projects, 
and connecting with an incredible group of people.
If you like the idea of creating in a journal, exploring with watercolor 
and so much more... 
I would highly recommend signing up for Junelle's class. 
It starts tomorrow, but is a go at your own pace online e-course.
It's most inspiring for those who like to
"color out of the lines"... like me.

photo above: Junelle Jacobsen's wild art class
What colors are on your palette?
In my next post, I'll share a little on how I go about painting with glazes 
using my "out of the box" color palette.
Hope to see you in the Wild ART Summer group. 

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