Tuesday, July 27, 2010

R E N E G A D E los angeles~san francisco

We took a jaunt to R E N E G A D E los angeles this past weekend. I went last year and was happily overwhelmed with the creativity and energy that inhabited the show. I dreamed about having a booth there (and am still dreaming on that one). I did another round this year, to see if I felt like my art, would be a good fit for this market. Being an "INDIE" craft market, there is a definite feel and style to the work. I'm thinking it might be worth a go, to participate in the "holiday" market that takes place in San Francisco in December. Hmmmm.... a trip to San Francisco again- I'm down!

This year, the LA venue was outdoors, in an area downtown called the cornfield. I really enjoyed the relaxed feel of this outdoor event. As expected--inspiring work, fabulous merchandising, and creative displays were plentiful. The real thrill of the day however, was meeting in person the "peeps" from E T S Y! No longer are they just a 620 x620 pixel, jpeg image on an ETSY find or ETSY success page. No, these folks were real and quite nice to spend some time with.

So, if you didn't catch this round- there's still NORCAL. This coming weekend is  
R E N E G A D E san francisco-- (for all you lucky northern CA folks).  
 although some of us will just have to wait until december.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I have been wanting to go. Glad you had fun!


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