Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stepping O U T of my zone...

Insert canvas- instead of glass... Insert liquid acrylic paint instead of oil 
or watercolor...gloss medium instead of linseed oil and you have an 
"o u t   o f   m y   c o m f o r t   z o n e" 
experience. (At least for me~ at that moment.)

I've been wanting to try acrylic forever, and finally put the pieces together. 
For some reason, I was thinking that each area I explored, was separate unto itself. Almost like, I'd have to complete a journey or perfect an area, 
before I could look toward another. Well, much to my surprise, I listened 
to the whispers chanting... "break the self-imposed rules."  
What a freeing, joyful experience.

Consider the rules  b r o k e n  &  a new path cleared for  f l y i n g.



  1. This new piece is gorgeous!! I am loving the colors lots. :) It's really fun and very inspiration to step out of your zone and experiement! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. lovely piece and congrats on exploring new territory - isn't it wonderful? Good for you this is wonderful and loving those colors ♥

  3. what a fabulous picture and those colours zing!

  4. very beautiful work;it seems as if each section is contributing to the story in unique ways.

  5. Beautiful - I love the colours! It's good to try something new ... change is good in my books.

  6. Thanks everyone for the happy happy feedback! I'm blushing.


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