Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mama Bird & Flying Lessons...

Maybe you've noticed all of the sweet little Kelly Rae buttons, or my enthusiastic mentions (in almost every blog post since "Leaping toward the sky...")
about the Flying Lessons e-course. I can't tell you how much 
I have been impacted by the most generous soul of Kelly Rae Roberts.

It's a funny thing...I found KR a few years ago online,( and was inspired by both her art
and writing. I kept her blog in my favorites and would draw near to it,
for inspiration from time to time. She became this- almost imaginary friend
with a message that anything was  p o s s i b l e.  And why not,
as she was wildly successful, speaks from her heart and allows you
to know her, in business and personally, from the depths of her being.

Okay- so I'm a fan.... imagine my excitement upon finding the first e-course ever offered by her. In a nutshell... I thought if I could glean
a few tidbits to help me along my journey-- it would be well worth the minimal investment. Well, I could prepare a banquet with all of the helpful tidbits I collected.
I am here to say that not only did the course speak to me
about the creative journey, the business side and the heart of the process,
but it gave me more inspiration and confidence
to create in ways I didn't know I could.

I have to say, that this bundle of information is helpful to  a n y o n e  in a creative business of any kind. It's jam packed with every practical piece of information learned by one giving spirit, who believes in
S h a R i n g  herself with a capital "S".

A true opportunity lies within the pages below, which were
created from the maiden flight.

(click on this affiliate link~if you are interested in knowing more 
or to purchase any of the Flying Lessons ebook series.)

And by the way... about the cute little birds above~~ I happened upon in a wonderful little store called  b o t a n i k  ( in Summerland, California a couple of weeks ago. Just loved these little birds as a momento of the "taking flight" journey. 


  1. I can be echo of your feelings and the inspiration obtained in Kelly's Ecourse. I love you blog design and the LOGO! The birds are gorgeous!

  2. My sentiments about Kelly, too. I didn't have to think twice about taking the course either. Loved it!

  3. You just nailed it! My sentiments exactly. Taking the course was one of the best things I did for myself this year.
    Those birds are so adorable!


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