Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a N E W season....

We're starting a "n e w   s e a s o n". 
Fall begins once again, sneaky in it's approach. Taking away the daylight and breathing 
a few cool breathes our way. Just a tease in Los Angeles, as always. 

Being a native NYer, I grew up with a sense of "life's seasons". A sense that at least 4 times a year, life would change.  I tend to think of the 4 seasons as, the season of cozy & family , the season of catching up & organizing, the season of new awakening's, and 
the season of growth, purpose & color....... F a l l 

I feel as if I have been going through a   y e a r   of   f a l l   already. 
The journey has been filled with fear, fun and far more insight than I could have ever imagined.

 f a l l ...
seems like a good time to be grateful for creative gifts, supportive friends and seeds of change.

s e e d s ...

It started with a   p o d ~  an awakening ~ a seed of an idea...

...the process & it's growth ~'s purpose becomes as defined as it's color ~

...branching off into new growth this   f a l l   beginning with a pod.


  1. seed pods have been so in my face as well ... HE is so tryN to tell us something about 2011 ... are we listenN and takeN action. I love the seed pod art!

  2. I think you are sooo right! seed pods, leaves, and fruit have been whispering in my ears...

  3. This is a beautiful painting (and I love the quote)

  4. inspirational! I love you piece of art...thanks for sharing the process. Autumn is my favourite time of your

  5. Love this pod piece! Fall is such a wonderful inspiration... my favorite season!! :)

  6. thank-you all for the kind and encouraging comments! You all make me smile!

  7. this piece is FABULOUS. I got chills with each pic watching the process- BRAVO!


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