Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boxes of L O V E ...

This past week was a whirlwind...I thought it might be fun to share a small post 
about this weeks adventures. 

... c o n n e c t i o n s ...

A couple of month's back, I had the privilege of doing a custom piece, for a sweet friend, 
from my tennis group. She had requested a personalized plate, as a wedding gift 
for a young couple of which, they were very close family friends with.
Upon receiving the website information to gather photo's from... I had the realization that I knew this young couple as well. The bride was a friend, that my daughter knew back in the elementary school days. Although they grew up with different friend groups, there was a friendly connection throughout the years. I was thrilled to be able to create a "special plate" indirectly for them, and honored to feel like 
I was part of something artful & loving.

Well, it came to be, that they  l o v e d  their plate, and requested a box to be made, for each set of parents to be presented at the rehearsal dinner. 
I was supplied with pictures and words- 
and... a little info on style and colors... 

It was a hard process to come up with something that would honor their   l o v e...
It was  t h e i r  chosen words that made it all come together...

"To our children, we give two things, one is roots, the other is wings."

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always...and I'll never forget my way back home."

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”…Thank you 
for always being there for me…    And now, for us…"

And yes- I did find myself getting a little emotional through the glue and the paper. 
It made me think about my own children and their stages of life right now
It made me think of how proud those parents must have been 
to receive such a thoughtful gift from their children. 

And it made me think about the  
c o n n e c t i o n s 
to people we have in life

 So these are the boxes that  l o v e  built...

This post was part of "sneak peek friday"--which in my case became "sneak peek sunday". 
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  1. Your page loads so fast, I just love coming here ... Thanks for the prayers! And the black/white twist on the boxes above is so on POINT!

  2. first i have to say how AWESOME your site is! and the boxes are phenomenal, really beautiful

  3. How beautiful. They will love it. Thank you for sharing the meaning behind the boxes... I love that, especially the words. Beautiful!

  4. These are gorgeous! What a wonderful keepsake you have made for this family. "The boxes that LOVE built"... ♥ that. I think the things we make with love is always felt by those who have the piece. Thank you so much for joining us Valerie and sharing! :)

  5. this is truly a lovely piece...I love the personality and the colors and I am sure the recipient felt really blessed to have a piece of your he(art) on display.

  6. Oh Valerie, those boxes are sooo beautiful and so meaningful. Honestly...I love them!! They will make them SMILE!


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