Friday, December 31, 2010

Thinking Back on the Past 2 weeks...4 Thank-You's

I can't believe we are approaching NeW YeaR'S eve in a few hours. 
I'm sitting back thinking about the closing of the 2010 holiday season. 
WOW! So fast and so sweet. 
4   t h i n g s   that made this holiday so wonderful-- 
and continuous sweet undertones from this past year...

r e l a t i o n s h i p s ::  close family~ continued close friendships~
connecting with family near and far~ 
old cousins becoming "new cousins"~
making new "creative flying friends" that support & inspire...

a  c o z y   h o m e  :: after spending time on a continued basis, 
working at the   F r e e   M e a l s  program at Calvary Community Church, 
I have gained a new perspective on what a "home" is to me.
The "simplicity of a warm place to be" has a new meaning to my family. 
I have discovered a heart for people that don't have a home, that I never knew I had.
More to come on this in 2011...

G o d   s p i r i t  :: Christmas Eve services are always a special treat for us- as a family. 
Sometimes it seems to be- the one time we are all together in the same place. 
This year, there was a drum segment to the music of "Little Drummer Boy" 
that took my breath away. 
I thought I'd share a video that was posted...
it will give you an idea of the creativity of the performance.
It totally made my Christmas eve~~ 
summing up the feeling of the holidays with 5 drums!

a r t :: Always so grateful to be able to be doing art. 
It was a year of trying many "new" things~
Finding my way down different path's of art that I want to travel on.
Enjoying the ride with many "new" friends and a lot of "older friends" 
who have been most supportive along the road.
I am sooooo amazed at the support, the inspiration, and the doors that are opening.
Here's a "toast"to friends old and new, and a wish for many many 
continued blessings in 2011 to all!


  1. Happy New Year, Valerie! So happy to have gotten to know you this year and follow your creative endeavors. Love your talent!

  2. Beautiful post Valerie! So heartfelt and beautifully written. I feel so blessed to have met and connected to so many talented artists from Flying Lessons. The energy and support has been so wonderful. Wishing you Love, Peace, Prosperity and lots more ART in the New Year!

    xoxo Valerie

  3. What a beautiful post! Happy New Year, Valerie.

  4. What an awesome gratitude post. Happy New Years!

  5. Dearest sweet Valerie, this is such a beautiful post and it warms my heart reading it. Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year! Thanks so much for all the love, support and blessing you sent my way! Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend! Love to you!


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