Monday, February 14, 2011

And the winner is...

A short... but very  s w e e t  post to complete Valentines Day for all 
who entered my little blog giveaway. 
I am happy to announce the two recipients of the "heartsie giveaway" are... fellow creatives Sonya & Cindy.
I had a lovely surprise for Valentines Day- a visit from my daughter who came down 
from San Francisco to see us.
So, in all fairness- I asked her to do the honors and pick the winners.

Choosing winner 1... Sonya
 and here's choosing winner 2... Cindy

It was so rewarding to know, that many of you left comments and participated. 
What fun!
  I will have to do this more often.
Happy "heartsie" Day!


  1. I have wanted one of these, since I first saw em on the FlYn friends page ... man, am I super excited ... Thank yoU

  2. Oh my, I love it! I can't believe I won one! Here is my post honoring you and your heartsie!


  3. Dearest Valerie, your creations are just sooo beautiful and congratz to the lucky winners!! I saw that awesome heart at sonya's's truly lovely! So happy to stop by here on your inspiring space during my little break from packing madness! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  4. So happy for the winners.. and you have such a beautiful daughter. :)


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