Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time for Some Giving Back...

 A short and sweet post to end of a week of craziness. 
It always get's a little nuts before a show.The kitchen table is full of paper, 
the counter's are full of glass pieces. The dining room table is loaded with more paper, 
glass and the containers used to transport everything.

 that I am showing at this weekend looks like a fabulous way to start Valentines Day.
"Handy Husband" is joining me, and I understand we receive 
2 wine glasses when we check in.
"h a p p y   d a y"  it will be-  sales or not!

Above, is the plate that I donated, for the auction to benefit Foodshare.
I always love to give an auction item. I have a "huge soft spot" 
for food programs, so this one is a true "heartfelt" donation.

Since it was my 2 year anniversary on etsy this past week,
I was thinking it was time for a giveaway. The friendships, the support, 
and the kindness of everyone I've been connected with on this artful journey 
is beyond words~ 
so a "grateful giveaway" is in order.

I've decided to offer 2 of my "Heartsie's" as a "thank-you" 
for friendship and support.
That means 2 winners! 

To enter the "grateful giveaway" choose from the list below:

1- leave a comment on this blog page. (1 entry)
2- become a follower of this blog. (1 entry)
3- post one of my blog buttons on your blog. (1 entry)
4- tell me if you are a coffee or tea drinker. (1 entry)

Feel free to enter as many as you like. If you already follow or have a button on your blog,
just let me know in your comments. I'll make sure you have the proper entry's. 
The winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day. 
I'll post the winner's here and get mailing addresses then.
Since I don't have any connections with "the accounting firm for the Academy Awards", 
I'll use the pick from the bowl technique~ sound good?

Have fun! Looking forward to giving back!

1 happy winner will receive some love...

1 happy winner will receive some joy...

To see a wonderful group of creatives at work... take a peek and click the link!



  1. Dearest sweet Valerie, so happy to be back here after my chinese new year holidays! Looks like manu many good things are coming your way! Congratz on the show and i just know it's gonna be awesome!! Also congratz on yoru etsy anniversary and THANK YOU for such an awesome giveaway!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. Hi Valerie! Congratulations On Your Anniversary With Etsy! Love your thoughtfulness on the sweet giveaway. It's truly a lovely piece! Sending you hugs of glorious sunshine to walk with you during the upcoming weekend ~

  3. Hey there ... good luck this sweet valentine weekend - sounds like fun.

    Please enter my name in your draw ... I'm already a follower and I'm an earl grey tea drinker!

  4. Your hearts are amazing!

    I am following you now.

    I am a coffee drinker!

    Jocelyn (cast member)

  5. I am following your beautiful blog.


  6. I am a coffee drinker - hardcore!
    I drink Spanish Espresso always.


  7. I LOVE your work!


  8. Beautiful hearts! Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I actually drink both coffee and tea! =)

    just wanted to say I stopped by from StudioJRU's sneak peek. =)

  10. I drink both coffee and tea ... and what a heart felt give-a-way

  11. I grabbed your badge for my blog!


  12. Love your donation piece! I look forward to hearing all about the festival. I know what you mean... before we have a show the entire house is turned into 'show prep'. :) I hope it is a fantastic event! These hearts are so pretty.

  13. Hope you have a great time at the show. Let us know how it went. Love your hearties! You know I follow your blog and facebook...Of late, I am a converted coffee drinker.

  14. Valerie! What a lovely ornament! I am always amazed at your wonderful creations! I drink tea - iced Venti black tea old school no sweetener. :) Have a most wonderful time at the festival!

  15. Coming in from Studio JRU - I really love your heartsies - hope some find their way to my home either through this post or OWOH!


    Oh, and I drink coffee - strong, black
    and tea - iced - a special blend I have come up with myself.... : )

  16. Hi Valerie1 I love, love those ornaments. So sweet of you to celebrate the second anniversary with a giveaway! Congratulations! I have your button since the first time a visited your blog. I am following you already, too. Hope you will enjoy the festival and that you will sell a lot.

    Ah! I love coffee but I am a tea lover. Un abrazo!

  17. Thanks everyone for kind words! I am sooo excited to see so much response. Check back late Monday to see who get's "hearted".


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