Friday, February 4, 2011

Sneak Peek Friday:: Hearts, a Show & Small Stuff

I'm back to In the Studio Fridays, hosted by Jennifer at  StudioJRU. I love seeing what everyone else is up to, while kicking myself in the boot-tey to make sure I post. Enjoy the link- it's always fun to see what creatives are up to.
For me, there  has been a   
v a r i e t y of work this week. I am showing my plates at a Food & Wine event next Sunday at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Westlake. Secretly, I 
am jumping out of my skin, 
as I have it on my  "d r e a m"  
list this year to try to make it into some wineries with my plates. This event is being sponsored by venturacountywinetrail which sounds like a possible "door opening"... can you hear it? I'm listening...
I also got busy with my little "heart ornaments" which have turned out to be a popular little piece. I've sold quite a few of them privately, and am going to throw out a little surprise on February 8th... check back- hint hint!

Along with the heart ornaments I've been playing with these darling little heart dishes that coordinate with the ornaments. I always like to have a couple of smaller price point items at a show- they usually create interest and tend to give people a "buy" if they want a little something.

 so many  h e a r t s...  hoping to share some love, or maybe just hold candy...

or maybe just hang around.

And the final part of the week, was planning some "n e w" plate designs 
that have a "food and wine" feel. Just started on that part of the plan, 
but next week will hopefully yield more creativity. 

So, that's what's been glued, torn and bejeweled this week.
What's whispering to you in your creative  h e a r t ? 



  1. Wow Valerie... you are one busy lady! So many great projects. Congratulations on your upcoming event next weekend... how exciting!! Love all the hearts! ♥ Thanks for showing us "what's been glued, torn and bejeweled this week". Love that line! ;)

  2. I am liking the heart ornaments...very colorful and lots of texture...thanks for sharing your "game plan" for the encourages me to keep pursuing mine...and maybe actually write it down instead of just keeping it in my head! (Coming in from Studio JRU - blessings!)

  3. I love the heart ornaments, I was just thinking how I needed some for my ever present Christmas tree in the studio ...

  4. Wow...I love the hearts! Great job.

  5. Oh, Valerie, I especially love that joy heart! Congratulations on the food & wine opportunity! Yes, I can hear a door opening for you! I've been working with writing, editing and words this week. But that first picture of your yours with the scissors and scraps really stirs me inside to get out my art supplies again this weekend!!

  6. Really beautiful. Nice to see you've been so busy. Good luck next week at the 4 Seasons. Let us know how it went!

  7. Love the ornaments - great job! Looks like you stay busy! Stopping by from Studio JRU.

  8. Oh my, Valerie! Those little heart dishes are gorgeous! I love your choice of colors!

  9. Your plates are beautiful! They will certainly be a hit at the Food and Wine event. Thanks for sharing and good luck!


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