Monday, January 31, 2011

Heartsies... friends & love.

They were calling me. Twelve sweet little "heartsies". 
Empty and alone, they needed some love. 
They needed to be filled up. They needed to feel whole.
Sadly, there were only twelve, but maybe that's what makes them so special.

So, I took each one and made them feel pretty. 
They each had their own personality that needed to be expressed. 
I listened to each one, and did what I could to empower them. 
They came away full.

  I reflect as we approach Valentines Day, on so many hearts...
a l l   
that "need our love". 

I am grateful for  a l l  who fill me up,
make me feel whole...
and pretty.
(you know who you are) 

Little heartsies were created to honor our bestie friends and those we love, that lift us up!

My sweet little heartsies will be in my etsy shop January 31st. 



  1. Dearest sweet valerie, these are gorgeous!! I adore your new heartsies creations. Such a lovely idea to fill them up! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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