Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Treat! LA Art Show & Flying Lessons merge.

  Scribble ~by Linda Christensen

The LA Art Show came and went this past weekend. I was happy to be able 
to trek to the Convention Center, downtown, and take in
a slice of galley art from NY to LA to China.  
I just had to post a couple of my faves, to send out 
t h e   s e e d s  o f   i n s p i r a t i o n   
to everyone. 

 Long Weekend~ by Linda Christensen

Highlights of the day... Sue Greenwood Fine Art Gallery 
with Linda Christensen available to chat... 
meeting a fellow flyer from KellyRae Roberts flying lessons course- 

Heaven in Downtown LA- for real!

 2 artistes (Diana & I)flapping our wings with excitement
in front  of  Malcolm Liepke's works 
(click the link to see a video of a few of his pieces)

It was such a treat to meet up with a "fellow flyer". Not only had that class been an amazing experience, but the connections with other artists, far and wide continues to be so meaningful. Meeting Diana, after following along through cyberspace, was a highlight to the day. Diana's work is just lovely... diverse, colorful and sweet~ so fun to be able to connect with the artiste behind the colors. I dream of being able to connect with more friends from the flying lessons course~ maybe a big workshop someday? How wonderful would that be?

And to add to the excitement, I had the privilege of chatting with Linda Christensen. I love when you go to a gallery show and you get to meet the artist. I have been following Linda's work for a few years and been so intrigued by her use of color, abstract shapes, line and figure. She's got all of the elements that I love, with a depth of expression that permeates all of her pieces. Sue Greenwood Fine Art in Laguna shows her work and many others that "are to die for".

Time to put some of this excitement & inspiration to work... 
back to the studio to see what evolves.


  1. So fun to have met up with you, Valerie. I wish we went back to see Linda. I was running out of steam by then. When you hear of anything coming up, let me know. I so loved it!


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