Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeds of G R O W T H... and a G I V E A W A Y!

"We come from the earth, 
we return to the earth, 
and in between we
 g a r d e n."

So, for the past year, I've been planting some seeds. 
I've been working the soil of my creative journey. 
Some days turning the dirt and adding lots of nutrients, 
and other days just looking at the soil, 
pulling some weeds, 
and wondering when the sprouts are going to shoot up.
Lately, I've been seeing some sprouts. 
I am starting to see a few glimmers of those colorful flowers 
that I so desperately want to grow.

 I do  b e l i e v e  
the flowers 
are really, really starting to grow!
... and I am encouraged.

a list of my  s p r o u t  sightings...

~ I'm seeing some increase in my etsy sales
(Every time an order comes through, I'm like a child at Christmas- 
the sales seem like they are creeping in slowly, but creeping in, is good. 
I feel a lot like a snail in the soil sometimes!
I've started to "renew" and add items more often- as well as join a couple of etsy teams,
which I think is another contributing factor to the visibility. 
Meeting new people on a team, and supporting each other through team treasuries, 
giveaways, & team blogs, I think has definitely been a boost. 
I am sooo thankful to the people that have included me in a treasury, or a feature, or their blog. )

~ I'm seeing increased visibility
(I'm starting to notice that my work is being recognized at shows, the more I attend repeatedly- 
I had a couple of people looking for me- yea!
Also I am noticing that the wonderful connections and friendships from ecourses, blogging, blog hops, 
giveaways, and social networks that have been continually taking root. 
This is the most wonderful area in this crazy journey of creating art. 
I cherish each and every connection that has been made, and am trying to recognize and support 
each and every sweet person that is on their own creative journey beside me.
It's amazing to see some who have arrived to the place of enormous growth- completely in B L O O M.
It inspires and encourages me always. 
It's amazing to see some who are on a parallel path and others who are just getting started. 
I am inspired by and in awe of each and every one!)

~I'm starting to approach shops  and bigger shows
(Finally being B R A V E and approaching a few shops to see if I can get 
any of my work in another venue- got a couple of consignments started. 
Also doing a show in a couple of weeks that is a much larger venue than I am used to...  
Talk about butterflies and preparation! yikes!
Hey if any of you are in So. Cal and are attending, 
or are exhibiting there- give me a shout out in the comments- I'd love to meet you. ) 

~I'm starting to see a path
(As I am starting to see a path, it feels right, to acknowledge this grateful list of sprouts. 
There is so much soil I want to cultivate, and yet sometimes 
it's good to just stop, 
look for the growth, 
and see the colors as they start to reveal themselves.)

what is on your "sprout list" ?
what new things are happening for you?

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Thank-you faithful followers!


  1. I love so much seeing all the seeds that are starting to grow for you friend. Your work is beautiful and you diligence is paying off. xoRobin

  2. I love celebrating with you Valerie. So thoughtful, I was planning on writing an Anniversary posts with all accomplishments but this way of showing them is really beautiful, I will write my "sprouts" soon. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. The giveaway is awesome, i love that bird house!!
    Sending love all the way!!

  3. Congratulations on all of the sprouting! So many tendrils growing in your garden, it's a beautiful path. Lovely birdhouses oxoxox

  4. Dearest sweet valerie, i am really enjoying this inspiring post and im so happy to be walking along side with you as you travel your creative journey!
    Your bird house is gorgeous! Such a lovely beautiful giveaway! Congratz on all your wonderful achievement and im doing this happy dance with you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. Everyone's words are so very kind, encouraging, and filling my heart! I am blown away whenever I read the comments that you all leave here. Thank-you doesn't seem like a B I G enough word! Thank-you all!


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