Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeling the Spring?


Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, 
and the less the artist does
the better.

It's that "springy" time of year again, and I am being inspired by
that newness, and freshness that Spring brings.
I've been stretching those wings and trying 
some "new" things in preparation for the 
Indie Arts & Crafts Show coming up in May...
I'm finding myself experimenting with some wood substrates rather than the glass-
 Trying to find a nice balance between collage and whimsy.
And freaking out a little... knowing that I have a few events lined up 
that I need to produce some serious inventory for--
henceforth, why the quote above was speaking to me. 

(Well... maybe it was actually yelling at me.)

I'll post that heart piece again when I finish it-- I'm trying decide on the words 
and what area of the heart I may paint over with either a bird or flower thingy.

I was feeling a little empty, having missed writing last week.
I had my nephew here for a ten day visit, 
and a surprise visit from my daughter (for a day) as well.
Causing some changes to the work schedule a bit- in a good way. 
(I just love surprises from very special people). 
During that week, I was also surprised with a lovely package 
that came "f l y i n g   i n " from one of our Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse friends Makiko.
Aside from being a wonderful ceramic artist, 
Makiko, has a huge heart for the earthquake/ tsunami victims of her native Japan.
She has put together a wonderful fundraiser, that will 
directly help in the recovery efforts.
She has created 1000 adorable little ceramic birds- can you believe it? 
1000 little ceramic birds... 
(and I am worried about inventory for a show?)

I ordered a few, and couldn't believe how lovely they were.

all wrapped up in their colorful paper nests...

ready to find a new home...

while meeting new friends!

If you want to take a peek~ check out Makiko's blog.
What a wonderful way to help! 

h a p p y  e a s t e r ~ h a p p y  s p r i n g  d e a r  f r i e n d s!

By the way... linking up to Sneak Peek Friday at sweet Jennifer's Studio. 
As always, there are some fabulous art blogs to peek at. 
And for a special treat~ check out the Day Spring interview with Jennifer.
Leave a comment, to enter the very special giveaway!


  1. love the your heartWork ... the blue color just pops a plenty ... like spring here in Tennessee!

  2. LOVE that quote! I'm going to have to remember that one. Love that heart, too. So beautiful! Have a very Happy Easter!

  3. Dearest sweet valerie, i totally understand your feeling of freaking out with all the events coming up! I feel the same way too with my first market just in 2 weeks and i have so much to do! I am loving your heart art work so pretty and sweet! Happy easter and i hope you had a wonderful easter weekend! Love to you!

  4. Hi Valerie, I love to come to your blog, just to see your gorgeus banner, plus i love your art. That heart is looking fav!! It is the second time I see those beautiful and meaningful birds. I missed it!

    Thanks for being in my journey, it is a pleasure to share it with you!!

  5. This heart piece is so pretty. Love the turquoise! How fun to have such a great visit with your nephew and your daughter! Sometimes it is good to have that time away from working as much for a while. :) That quote is fantastic! And the birds are so cute. Thanks for the peek!

  6. Oh, Valerie! I love this piece that you created and Makikos birds are just precious aren't they?
    Love your quote too...

  7. I can't say it all lift me up so much! It truly is a gift to come here and read each and every comment that I am so grateful to receive.
    Thanks creative friends!!!

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my painting! You are definitely entered in the drawing! :) Your blog is so lovely, and I'm enjoying all of your gorgeous artwork.
    I hope you are having a blessed day!

  9. YOU WON my giveaway!!!!! : ) Shoot me an email with your mailing address to I hope you enjoy the painting!


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