Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little of this... A little of that...

Where to begin... busy busy week. 
I came across this quote that was very encouraging, and had to share...

Act as if what you do 
makes a difference.

It does.  

~William James

The simplicity of knowing, 
that what we are doing as creatives really does matter...
adds a cherry on top of the sundae for me!
(As do the words I chose for my little birdie painting plate-
a pure expression of how I feel when I am "creating".

If you've been popping in now and then, 
you may have noticed that there are a group of creatives 
that have been linking on a regular basis to studiojru.
Jennifer has been hosting this lovely space  
 where creative gifts are being shared.
I am happy to mention that this week's link-up will be at the (in)courage site.
A wonderful place of inspiration, community, creativity, and fabulous product.
Grab a coffee, a tea, and take a look through-there's so much to see.

Here's what I had been up to...

launching... new moMMy pins 
(personalized pins with your favorite picture)

launching... new biRdie pins

...prepped for a MOPS boutique and happily sold many inspirational plates...

... more prepping

... and planning

... and completing.

There are a few smaller shows on the horizon, but I am so happy about the opportunity 
to be part of a larger show...

This event will take place on May 15th in Long Beach. 
Want to know a secret....
With this venue,  I'll have to prepare a booth space.
A full 10 x 10 space of creativity to sell creativity- yikes!
(Something, I've always been a little freaked out about). 
I am sharing the space, with a friend that I met at a prior venue.

Between the both of us, I think we will be able to pull 
something together and make a nice showing. 
Her work is quite lovely- 
sweet plush animals out of reclaimed materials- so well made and stylized.

 I am on a path right now, to continue integrating 
more and more of my own paintings into the plates... 
and perhaps have a few mixed media pieces to bring.

For anyone in Los Angeles- check out the Patchwork website- 
perhaps we'll see you there... at a booth or stolling the show?
If anyone has any thoughts on a booth space they'd like to share- 
feel free to leave some seeds in the comment area.
Any creative ideas are welcome!

Time to check out the rest of the creativity from Sneak Peek Friday.
Thanks for stopping by, and know that 
"Y O U make a difference"!


  1. Oh Valerie, I love your bird plate! I don't know what your plates looked like before you added your own watercolors but it is your watercolors I like so much! They are so colorful and charming and add so much to the papers and text you choose. So beautiful :)

  2. Valerie - how BEAUTIFUL! I love the new pins! Do you do the soldering too? And I am loving the bird plate and your other designs...I pray blessings on your upcoming events!!!

  3. That is such a great quote. And I love the branch on your first plate you posted. It is so beautiful! Your pins are great. I love the little nest. I can not wait to hear about... and see... this show in May. How exciting to design your own booth! :) Thank you so much for joining us this week at (in)courage!

  4. Very pretty! :) I also love that first plate!

  5. The bird plate is SO beautiful - love the colors, the psalm words. The quote is great - and so powerful.
    The show sounds like a great opportunity, but also a bit scary - I would probably freak out. How nice that you can do it together with a friend, that doubles the fun (and minimizes the scare).

  6. valerie-I am SO SO HAPPY for you my friend. MUCH DESERVED for all your hard work. xoRobin

  7. What lovely, uplifting words you A L L have left for me... thank-you sooooo much for every bit of encouragement. It means sooooo much everyone! This booth thing has me a little freakified~ so I may reread these posts for support throughout the process

    Oh Cindy thanks for the event prayers-- I can really use them. Oh- and I have done some soldering, but these little gems are pendant trays, so it's a little easier method. hugs to all of you!

  8. I love ... what you are doing HERE ... you go girl, your work is awesome and speaks right to the heART!


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