Sunday, June 12, 2011

How does your garden grow...?

I cultivate my garden, 
and my garden 
cultivates me.  

~Robert Brault

(a little watercolor sketch of veggies~ beets or radishes... hmmm?)

It's funny, but I tend to think of working in my garden,
and the whole, bird building it's nest from pieces of straw and twig,
as the metaphor for my personal art process.
Kind of like a "life verse" of sorts... 
my "life metaphor". 
I've always gravitate towards the organic nature of art...
whether it be my subject matter, 
the materials I am working with,
or the kind of classes I like to take.
(And these days, I am sure lusting after a Flora Bowley workshop big time!)

The concept of planting seeds,
the cultivating process,
the growth... 
the end result...
it all fits together most artistically to me.

Maybe that's why I find...
 that I keep posting several areas of the art that I am developing in...
 decoupage... watercolor... oil and mixed media. 
(Rather than focusing on one solid part of this garden- like the tomatoes- 
they seem to be a lot easier to grow).

Maybe that's why some of my art pieces are just little exercises, 
and other's are more finished.

Maybe I am being shaped through this process 
(by the weeds, as well as the water and the soil).
The weeds, being those pesky things 
that get in the way of "creating"...

The more I turn the soil,
 I am starting to see how this process 
"is cultivating me".

What's growing in your "art" garden this week? 

finishing off~ with a grateful
s h o u t   o u t...
to a fellow creative, with a most beautiful line of 
delicate, sweet, elegant and tender jewelry pieces.
I had the pleasure of creating an updated logo for 
I was honored to be able to collaborate together 
to update her identity, 
that reflects the elegance and simplicity of her most lovely designs.
I am proud to say I own the pieces above.
Major love people.... major love!

and... a  g r a t e f u l shout out 
to another wonderfully creative artist...
that I am so fortunate to know from 
the Kelly Rae flying lessons ecourse last year~
a lovely ceramic and mixed media artist with a whimsical style.
I am so happy to have received one of her prints 
from her anniversary blog giveaway.
(I have a little secret... to own a piece of art from each of my "fellow flying artistic friends"... 
I have started my collection, and have been adding to it, as I can afford 
or as I was blessed to win~ it just makes me smile!)

Hanging out with Jennifer and other creatives at STUDIOJRU
Click the link to take a peek at what everyone has been up to this week.


  1. Dearest sweet Valerie, i always adore your gorgeous art...they bring me back to appreciating the life and nature. :) I really love reading and learning your's so inspiring! Everytime i look at someone's garden, it always remind me of my papa's beautiful vegie garden. Congratz on all the wins...these are also artists i adore. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. Valerie, Thank you so much for stopping by. I hadnt been able to work at my drafting table all week because I was the only fee time I get was spent putting together my blog posts. I was hoping it would be okay to show you ladies the only creative thing I was able to do this week. God is faithful! I love the colors you used on your veggie post.

  3. Just love the decoupaged plate and your watercolors. The jewelry is precious as well. Sounds like you had a very productive and exciting mail week in the studio...those are the best weeks ;) Hope you have a wonderful week this week as well. Fondly, Roberta

  4. I love the watercolor veggies... the pea pods are so cute! What a wonderful post. Really touched my artist and garden loving heart. Beautiful logo work! Thanks so much for joining us 'in the studio'. Always love to see what you are working on! :)

  5. I loved reading what you wrote. The watercolor vegetables are gorgeous. I am, too, trying different mediums.

    A BiG THAN YOU for including my print on your blog. Enjoy it! The idea of having something from each of the flyers is something I was dreaming off. I also have a beautiful jewelry from Amy. Her work is beautiful and delicate!

  6. As always... thanks for the kind words everyone. It really makes posting come "alive" when I see such supportive and positive words... grateful to the max! xoxo vaLerie...

  7. thank you so much valerie!

    i love see the daily works in progress that may or may not ever become a polished/finished piece. planting seeds...our souls crave this!

    your metaphor with the bird building her nest makes me smile. a friend of mine has a ceramic studio a couple of tiny birds have decided to call home. she woke up one day to a nest of eggs in one of her pieces...and has been surprised at how much they have influenced her work!

  8. Beautiful watercolor composition, excellent colors, greetings.

  9. Love this! And the veggies are spectacular! Beautiful, beautiful work.

  10. Sweet Valerie ~ What A Lovely Post. I'm A Bit Late Making My Blog Rounds But So Glad I Caught This One. Love Your Newest Garden Theme And Amy's Jewelry Is Awesome! I Too Love Elizabeth's Work! The Giveaway Print Is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL! Here's Wishing You A Glorious Weekend! Hugs & Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  11. my heart is so warmed to see the people that I was in "class" with working together and making such beautiful connections...WELL DONE ON Cypress Sun Jewelry's look - PERFECT!

  12. Dearest sweet Valerie, thanks so much for your lovely sweet words and for visiting me today! I'm SO HAPPY you notice your sweet HEARTsie ornament!! Thank you so much for your perfect sweet gifts. Openning your package, looking at all the gifts you gave me and reading your sweet note made me teary! I will treasue these gorgeous items for many many years to come! Love to you!


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