Saturday, October 15, 2011

Youer than You... Me-er than Me...

“Today you are 
that is truer than 
There is no one alive 
who is Youer 
than You. 
Dr. Seuss

Where to begin... where to start. 
I had no intention of letting so much time pass between blog posts. 
I got to thinking
(upon reading these words from the Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You book)
that I was off being ME...
Me-er than Me 
I suppose.

Summer ended, before one could blink...
we quickly rolled into a "new season" 
that's making me think,
what will this season bring, 
a continued uncertainty?
or... perhaps growth, a clear path,
& a door opening for me.
Dr. Seuss is certainly contagious.
I just had to do it!

A few highlights from the past few weeks 
that have kept 

I'm feeling the process of stretching myself into some uncharted territory.
The  b l o o m  piece above 
gives a little sneak peek 
into a style I see developing. 
I am exploring a new way of seeing, a new way of combining elements, 
and a mixture of new mediums. 
This kind of "art play" has been a freeing and joyful experience. 
b l o o m 
gives me a sense
that I am 
up a bit.
(I'll be posting 2 more pieces this week ~ I'd love your input friends...)

A most exciting thing happened a couple of weeks ago... 
I was featured in the "shared stories" segment of Beth Nicholls blog.
(blush and gush)
I was honored and thrilled to share some thoughts 
on the"doing what you love" space. 
Beth Nicholls has a beautiful way of bringing us to the place 
of seeing our value, and feeling encouraged, 
to do what we love for life.
I've been reading the inspired stories of other artists, 
gathering insight, from many amazing artist interviews,
and planning to fly into another level of growth by 2012 
with the soul sessions e-course being offered 
by the fabulous duo~ Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls.
(check it out- sign up's are still available).
Many good things to look forward to!
And a sign of growth ahead...

I'll leave you with my heart and some warm coffee 
until the next post!

Linking up with the creatives at StudioJRU~
stop by to see what everyone has been up to.


  1. oh how fun that you are embarking on some new idea.
    love when that happens.
    Be blessed,

  2. I thought of you when I was on pinterest the other good to see you again...and I do love that "Bloom" piece! Beautiful, Beautiful!

  3. I start to love Dr. Seuss... These are some very good thoughts, and I love your playing and developing into a new direction. It is exciting!! You are certainly blooming - and are youer than you!

  4. Love your enthusiasm and your vivacious blog header! You have great art projects! Patsy from

  5. Off being YOU... nothing better than that! That first piece is beautiful... Bloom. I love the colors. And the Grow piece is fantastic! Sounds like you have had some wonderful things going on and so many wonderful things ahead! So happy for you friend! ♥

  6. Dearest sweet valerie, your new piece is truly beautiful and it's always such fun to discover and enjoy the creating process! That Grow piece is really awesome too! Congratz on the wonderful feature on beautiful Beth's blog! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  7. Valerie, your post really touched me...♥

  8. I love them! I just love mixed media.

  9. Hi Valerie, so happy to get to read your blog today. I am loving your "emerging" style. As always your creations are adorable. I wish I could have them all. We are in similar paths as I am enjoying what was my first attempt as artist, doodling and surface design. I will be writing a message on FB regarding the butterflies you bought and our SWAP partnership. Love and Hugs your way!

  10. Love your new piece...bloom where you are and you will produce fruit. :) Great message!

  11. Love the colors and the pear. You are very creative.

  12. Valerie, I love your blog and your new adventure - Bloom. That's my kind of painting.

  13. Wow, I love your blog title banner thingy. OMG! Glad you joined the cast blog blitz :-)

  14. I enjoyed reading the feature about you and your art - and this blog post.


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