Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fresh look, new words...

"Your work is to 
your world and
then with all your heart
yourself to it."
~ Buddha
It's a   n e w  y e a r - h o l i d a y s  are over...
 the dust is settling, as the last ornament is packed away.
I don't know about you, 
but this time of year always leaves me 
r e f l e c t i v e,
p l a n n i n g,
a n d  m a k i n g   p ro m i s e s
to myself,
 to simplify
and make my time count more
in the newness of this year.

So to start off  2 0 1 2
  I've done some thinking,
and have chosen some words 
 to guide me into an  
a r t ~ f u l l  

 w o r d  thoughts...

~how I see myself... 
seed planter

~what I want to be more of... 

art doer

~in 2012 I want to...
color outside the lines
be uninhibited
explore without fear
have less expectation

~and most of all... 
I intend to 
keep discovering
and give to
my art 
with a full heart!

How about you... what are your words,
your art thoughts, your promises to yourself 
in the newness of this year?

There's always something to discover...
we just have to keep looking.

So happy to reconnect with the lovely creatives 
linking at StudioJRU
Take a peek if you are interested in seeing what 
everyone is up to this month.
(sorry- but I couldn't resist the holiday birdie~ 
it's not really over is it?)


  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Your post has me excited for 2012. Love your enthusiasm for an art full year. Looking forward to peeks of it! :)

  2. Dearest sweet Valerie, this is such a beautiful post! Happy new year sweet friend! I am really looking foward to a brand new creative adventures with you! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  3. Oh, I love how you answered the reflection questions! I like the idea of "word-thoughts"...and thank you for your sweet words on my blog...they meant the world to me, as the Lord continues to use little "coincidences" to encourage me on the path He has for me this year!

  4. Yes.. simplify, and try new things, I'm there too! ~Frances

  5. Wonderful post, so thought provoking and inspiring. I want to serve more, accomplish more and use my time wisely.


  6. Good plans for 2012. I blogged about mine last week.

  7. I love the "less expectation" plan. Always a sense of expectancy but no expectations.

  8. I want to declutter and simplify and make things easier and less distracting around my house.


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