Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seeing the Magic

“Children see magic 
they look for it.” 
- Christopher Moore
Yesterday, I had a lovely opportunity to spend 
a couple hours with my dear friend's grandkids.
We had been talking about 
a painting day for a long time. 
Not only do I have a love for the watercolor medium,
 but I really enjoy introducing children to 
"real"watercolor for the first time. 
It's kind of like...
 taking friend's to Disneyland for the very first time,
and seeing the look on their faces 
when they get off of Space Mountain.
...p r i c e l e s s ...
So, as I am trying to impart some art knowledge, 
and create a fun, playful, experience for the girls,
several thoughts come flooding into my soul....
... children seem to approach painting
u n i n h i b i t e d  
w i l d   a b a n d o n
w i t h o u t  r e s e r v a t i o n.
This is my 
t a k e   a w a y, 
every time I work with children.
And it was a 
l i g h t b u l b   m o m e n t 
for me 
when I realized 
that this is the very same thing 
I seem to be striving for 
every time 
I put a brush to paper or canvas.
Perhaps that is why I am loving the concept of intuitive painting
that I learned from Flora Bowley's class. 
Perhaps that is why I love watercolor, 
as it forces me to not be 
so in control of every part of the process...

...and perhaps 
this little painting experience
was timed just right, 
for me to be open 
and anticipate 

* I am sooo excited to be participating in an online 
ecourse that starts tomorrow called 

Another fabulous course taught by the one and only
KellyRae Roberts & Beth Nicholls.
I'll be posting about my experiences in the coming weeks- promise.

Check out the website-
there's still time to join the huge community of creatives!
I'm feeling the magic coming!

...a special thank-you 
to 3 sweet creative little girls
for letting me share 
their beautiful 
artwork above. 

(another beginning of one of my intuitive paintings)

...linking up with Jennifer and the creatives at studiojru -feel free 
to take a peek to see what everyone has been up to!


  1. I am so excited for you to take their course, Valerie! I think it sounds fantastio!!! And I am totally loving the canvases you have painted intuitively after taking Flora's class. So beautiful.

    And thanks for your sweet words about my love birds :)

  2. Your painting day sounds like so much fun Valerie! I love children's approach to art. It always inspires me to be more free! Love the beginning of that last piece. Beautiful! :)

  3. I'm so glad to see you starting the new year with fresh anticipating greatness eyes! You inspire me. Thank you for your encouragement, I'll be following your posts to keep my attitude thankful and creative energy charged. To all things painterly, Donna

  4. Creativity...learning this is a gift. We had a neighbor who fostered this in my brother and I as children. She introduced us to the arts of stained glass and latch hook. You are doing a wonderful thing for the young ones around you!!

  5. It must be great to work with kids and see just what they can do with their raw creativity!

  6. I'm sure the children loved the experience and the attention:)

  7. These are so gorgeous, Valerie! I've had similar experiences with my nieces and nephews in giving them watercolor lessons. It IS like experiencing Disneyland's Space Mountain for the first time. Love the analogy! :)

  8. Those little ones will have that experience always as a happy memory of carefree childhood - you opened up the DisneyLand of water color for them.......

  9. What a fun time to paint with kids! I also love how they're not concerned with it but just paint!

  10. Dearest sweet Val, such fun times!! I love spending time with little ones coz they are just so inspiring! These paintings are really beautiful and the colors are so pretty! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and a beautiful Luna New Year! Love to you!


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