Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soul Work...

Did you ever 
spend time 
working on your 
Your every day... 
I am here 
I am gifted with
 and love to do this...
That's where I have been the past few weeks. 
Under a construction of sorts~ 
turning the dirt over,
and digging deep
into the  
w h y 's  the w h o 's and the w h a t 's 
of what I am doing 
in this creative world.

This  s o u l  searching journey 
began at a most relevant time 
for me and my art.
I have been so ready to "grow" my art, 
and am now engaged in 
looking at that process 
from the inside out... 
from the c e n t e r... 
starting with my very own  
w h y?

Can you imagine what this world would be like, 
if more people were looking 
as part of their business strategy???

And that is why,
 two of the biggest hearts in the creative world
formed this 
r e v o l u t i o n a r y

Two notable women, whom I highly admire...
collaborated and co-created this 
10 week e-course, designed for creative businesses.

Kelly Rae is best known as an artist, author, and possibilitarian- 
(and I do believe, she could add a list of many, many more of credits to her name, 
after only being 3 weeks into this course. Take a look at her story!).

Beth Nichols is known as an artist, entrepreneur, 
and creator of DoWhat You Love artist retreats-
(I'd highly recommend reading her ABOUT ME tab on her website, as it will 
make one's jaw drop to know the ground she's covered in her young life.).

Learning from these two beautiful women, (and an online group of 300) 
has been making changes inside of me on a daily basis.

I am loving... every seed that is being planted, 
fertilized and cultivated through this process.

I am loving... that my paintings are starting out differently...
I am loving... that dots are being connected,
and I am loving...
that something 
is happening!
I came across a most appropriate quote....

"Change your mind 
to want what reflects
the You that you are becoming
rather than the You 
that you have been."
~Talyaa Liera

...linking up with the creatives at Studio JRU~ Sneak Peek Fridays.
If you ever wanted to read a story about a creative who is working from her soul, 
check out this week's story featuring... Beyond Words Designs~ Stephanie

And to see some creative blogs with heART... linking up with 
flytribe for valentines day


  1. What a beautiful post Valerie! Your soul full work sounds amazing. I am in the class too... but I am behind! I need to take some time off and just do the class I think! :)

  2. Hi Valerie! I love what I'm finding over here on your beautiful blog! We have so much in common. I'm looking forward to our San Diego HSHB meet up :o)
    x, Val

  3. Dearest sweet Val, your soulful art is gorgeous and so full of life!! I am a little behind class and hoping to catch up soon! But im LOVING each lessons as i go along. Have a beautiful Valentine's week and love to you!

  4. Something soulful is certainly happening for sure. I am in deep!

  5. I'm a tad behind in the HSHB course mainly because there really is a lot of soul searching to do. Hoping to get caught up when we get a breather. Love your colorful canvases.

  6. Love the quote and what you wrote! Thank you for sharing. Love & Grace, AnaLisa

  7. Great post, Valerie. I'm also in HSHB and enjoying this process of digging deep. It's wonderful to be able to connect with other who are also on the same journey. HUGS!

  8. My heart literally skipped a beat when I scrolled and saw your bright, beautiful canvases! YUMMY!!

  9. Looks like you are having fun with those canvases. :D

  10. I love your paintings from Flora's class! I am signed up to take her workshop this September when she comes to Wisconsin and I can't wait! I am so looking forward to painting with her and learning to paint more freely.


  11. Love your banner! It's so fresh and bright! Thanks for all of your observations about our wonderful class!

  12. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Love your art.

    Teresa Erwin

  13. This digging deep is quite the process isn't it. I enjoyed the pictures you included in this post. You are one of those people who can make something under construction look so creative and imaginative. Happy creating!

  14. Hooray for this soulFULL post - I love your vibrant colors and look forward to seeing more of your journey through the class and beyond :)


  15. Valerie - I absolutely love everything about this post! Your creations / photos are so inspiring! Makes me want to paint right now. Love what you wrote and how you linked to some awesome inspiring people. Happy Flying! :)

  16. What a Beautiful and Heartfelt post Valerie! I love how you wove the Biz class in this post and made it personal, and included your lovely and colourful art!! Wishing you a SoulFULL year ahead!!

  17. Oh this is wonderful!! I have a new blog to follow:)

  18. I see those colors and think how "you" they are. Beautiful! I see you are so enjoying the e-course. Keep me posted. Hugs

  19. love,love, love these backgrounds they are great :)


  20. What is it that drives you crazy and puts you in the world of unseen fantasies at times. What drives you to endless imaginative possibilities and helps you ease up your mind and gives you the chance to be thankful for the gifts granted by nature. All this is done through inspirational music, which means we can reclaim our true freedom and be born again.


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