Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a matter of TRUSTing...

...courage in the heart 
a r t i s t
within the soul...
...I was presented with an art challenge last month...

Did you ever pray for something,
to find that your prayer was answered... 
but not quite in the way you had expected??

I am solid on the thought, to ask God for what you want or dream of, 
be prepared to accept what you get, 
and know that God had a sense of humor.
 I giggle while stating this...  
as I was tested on these very words last month.

The past year or so, I've been in a transitional stage. 
For those of you who know me well, 
or who have been kind enough to follow along...
you've known that I've been working toward a transition
 from my graphic design business
to creating my own art, as the main "soul business" in my life. 
I long to paint, develop my work, and share an art story that connects with others 
and encourages others to grow in their gifts.
Along with various e-courses that I've taken and shared here on my blog 
(Flying Lessons, Hello Soul Hello Business and The Art of Wild Abandonment) 
I've been hard at work, developing my direction, 
figuring out my path, and planning 
the who's, what's and how's of it all. 
And then along came a request- 
to paint a "live" painting at church on Easter Sunday...
seriously??? Live??? 
(In our house we say "thub, thub, thub, thub, when there are no words....)
Uh... I don't get up in front of groups of people. 
(That is why I have no singing voice- God knew exactly what he was doing- no performing for her!) 
I am not one to speak in front of crowds real well. 
I am not one to "perform" in any way to a group.
I looked behind me to see if that question was truly asked of me, 
or if there was someone else behind me 
that was being spoken to.

A lot of things started to become very clear 
in the fearful moments, days, and weeks leading up to this 
a r t   c h a l l e n g e
I know that I was challenged to do this for a many layered purpose...
I needed to listen, trust, and know that if I ever wanted to create a body of work that speaks to people, it would be a most invaluable  
to create in front of a group.

It would prepare me in so many ways, for all of the things I've been asking for... 
especially sharing an art story that connects with others 
and encourages others to grow their gifts.

 and so, 
through the fear... 
(and it was real FEAR- ask any of my friends 
that I spoke incessantly to leading up to the event! 
And the thub, thub, thubbing....)
and through the deafening thoughts
of the how's and what's...
I was put in the ultimate place of 
and I am grateful! 

The journal expression above, 
that came from my worries, 
my thoughts of inadequacy, 
and my fear's... 
was created through the process of preparation, 
for that day.
It was born from such a tender place
and brought much clarity.
Whether you have a belief in God, 
or an inner voice...
it's an amazing experience to learn to 

By the way... if you like seeing journal pages-
the lovely creatives, that I've shared an e-course with  
(The Art of Wild Abandonment-taught by Junelle Jacobson & Christy Tomlinson)
and I, are sharing in a bloghop tomorrow. 
We are all going to post a project that we've created, 
having been inspired by the techniques
we learned together and link to each other's blogs. 
If you stop by tomorrow, there will be another post to enjoy, 
and a lot of other journal art to connect with. 
I'm also sharing a special surprise tomorrow 
that has to do with one of my watercolor paintings...
hint: discount code: TRUST


  1. Love reading this post Valerie...What an amazing challenge, So proud!

  2. Hoping around. I simply adore your work. Have to put you on my follow-list on blogs. Love that you paint with your fingers. Hope you dont mind me borriwing this idea.

  3. Awesome Valerie. Awesome. It is so neat to hear about your creative journey and HIS plans for you. I love the piece that you did live! Is it finished? Yay for having the faith and courage to follow HIS path for you!!

  4. I am so HAPPY that you took the challenge TO CREATE LIVE!! Well done girl!


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